Food Budget Worksheet Template

If you have limited resources including money, you will have to manage everything sensibly. These days, only a single visit to the grocery store for buying food items disturbs the entire budget. Buying grocery items is hard. There is so much temptation to buy delicious and savory food. Avoiding these temptations is a hard job. However, if you have made a budget, you can easily do it.

What is a food budget worksheet?

It is an excel sheet that allows a user to make a budget for food-related expenses. The purpose of using this worksheet is to allow users to make a budget depending on their income.


How to make a food budget using a worksheet?

A step-by-step guide to making a budget for managing your food expenses is given below:

Know your limit:

The amount fixed in the budget depends on the income of a person. Therefore, a user needs to set the limit. This limit will define how much a user is allowed to spend on food in a week. Ideally, a user should spend not more than 5 percent of his total income on the weekly food budget.

If you are spending more than that, you are going to spend more than what you can afford. The best way to create the limit is to create a menu for a week. This will enable you to see how much you can spend on buying various grocery items for meeting your weekly food-related needs. You can also use a calendar to divide your budget into three meals in a day.

Make a list of food items to purchase:

In a complete month, you don’t buy all the food items from one store. Most of the food expenses are related to the grocery store. You can make a separate category of shopping from the grocery store. Similarly, make a list of expenses that you incurred due to eating out. These all expenses will help you outline how much you spend and how to avoid spending.

Mention the price and quantity:

You should mention the price of each and every food item in the worksheet. The price of food per unit and the total amount you paid on buying a specific quantity should be mentioned.  This way, you will be able to see the difference in the prices of the food and their fluctuation.

The price is an important factor also because it lets you determine how much you have spent in total. The worksheet does the total and shows different stats based on the information it obtains from the price section.

Food budget worksheet template

Excel Worksheet Size: 67 KB

What is the reason to use the worksheet for planning the food budget?

To effectively use the worksheet, you should have a few reasons in your mind. Some of these reasons are given below:

  1. It lets you see your spending:

Some people spend too much money on food and never realize it. When they use the budget worksheet, they start to realize their spending, and then they can take the necessary steps to reduce their expenses.

  1. The worksheet shows the stats:

Once you have added information to the worksheet, you can view it in different forms. The worksheet can show your information in the form of a pie chart to see what percentage of your income you are spending on eating out. If you are health and diet conscious, you can also see the amount you spend on buying healthy food and how much you spend buying unhealthy food.

Is using the template beneficial?

If you want to use a worksheet for making a budget, you can use a template also. You can find a template on different online platforms that allow you to make a food budget. The template will let you save time as you will not have to design a worksheet from scratch.

In addition, it will save you from having to think about the content that you need to add to the worksheet to help you make a food budget without any worries. A template is a great tool if you know how you can put it to positive and productive use.