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Festivals are events that are celebrated by people. They focus on a certain area of life concerning the people, such as related to religion, culture, etc. Sometimes these events are such that they are declared a public holiday. Put simply, events are gatherings of individuals to celebrate. These can be connected to music, dancing, movies, and more.

It is not an easy task to organize an event. There are many things that one needs to keep in mind so that everything turns out successful. Proper planning for all aspects should occur so that there are no hitches present.


Considering what event, it is, different activities need to occur. You will have to get a location where you wish to celebrate it. DGs, vendors, musicians, and artists should be gotten where needed. There will be refreshments, decorations, seating, tables, a tent, etc. Some technology equipment may be required such as WiFi, scanning device, power source, etc. Caters and other staff will be needed if many people are being called. It is necessary to also prepare a list of who you want to invite and how.

All of this will cost money and it is vital to remain inside your money management.

What is an event money management template?

An event money management worksheet is the template created that will help you calculate the estimated and actual costs of different aspects of the event. It will make it easy to plan the event with simple calculations all organized appropriately. The template will be made in such a way that it can be filled in whenever needed. Tables and pie charts can be used for instance.

Importance of an event money management template

For those people who do not want to face the problem of organizing something extravagant that empties their pockets, a money management template can help them out. With this one will be able to know how much the different things will cost so that they do not end up without having the resources to pay for everything. The template helps to organize the event as those things are only included which can be afforded.

Because the event money management template is an important one, it needs to be created carefully so that no mistakes occur in calculations. The below points can be kept in mind for this:

  • Correct application– You need to make the template in the correct application so that it is easy to fill in all. For a money management template, calculations are necessary. Therefore, a good application to use is Microsoft Excel. Here you can carry out calculations, create tables, etc.
  • Template title– To be able to easily find the template when needed, you should make it have a clear heading. This will allow all readers to know what it concerns. The heading will be on top and in a clear font. For this template, you can have a heading like “Event Money management” or write the name of what event it is such as “Spring event money management” for example.
  • Details about the event– State the event name. The date or dates must be given also when it will be held. The names of the organizers can be listed as well. This will help to know the details of the event when needed.
  • Income- This is necessary so that you know exactly how much you have to spend and where it is coming from. The income could be from registration fees. Write the fees according to how much children, teenagers, adults, and members, need to pay. The total can be calculated for the registration fee. An event requires much effort and so there may be people who are providing donations. State these as well and calculate their total. If there are other sources of income add this and tell what they are. In the end, the total projected income must be calculated.
  • Expenses– To know how much cost you are facing; the expenses part is important. The expenses may include invitations, artists, music, refreshments, performance facilities, etc. Notes can be added by these. Areas for others must also be present. The total projected costs will be provided for all of this.
  • Calculations– The projected income and projected expenses will be put, and it will be seen how much profit there will be from the event and whether the expenses are reasonable according to the income.

The event money management template will help you perfectly arrange any event. This is if you know how to make it properly. The above tips can be kept in mind so that a comprehensive template can be created with all the required details. It should not be confusing so that others can fill it in easily. Include all expenses without missing out on even small ones as these small costs can become huge.

The Template

Event Money Management Template for Excel
Event Money Management Template for Excel

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