Equity Reconciliation Report Template

Individuals who partake in investment activities as well as in the stock market, they will need the Equity Reconciliation Report. This allows one to match their equity transaction data that is processed by some different systems/subsystems in relation to the document source that is the same.

This report enables the person to analyze recent profit elements. The investor implementing new investment strategies can see whether or not their strategies are successful with the help of the equity reconciliation report.


The report is also helpful in determining the reliable values on the basis of which decisions regarding future investments are made.

The unrealized and realized values related to profit are considered by the reconciliation report. The purpose of using the equity reconciliation report template is to make the report very conveniently. It is very common for every investor to create the equity report since it is very useful in getting information about the investment made by the investor, additional investment details along with earnings made by a business in a particular period of time.

Total equity reconciliation tries to show the various allocations concerned with profit among realized as well as unrealized. This is the result of processing data in systems that tend to be disparate. An excel workbook template aids one in forming a wonderful Equity Reconciliation Report. The workbook has two worksheets. In the first worksheet, the Equity Analysis will be shown. The vital value concerned with stock balance can be listed at the start of the period.

The shares issued as well as repurchased can be written. The table will then calculate the full number of shares precisely originating from some Common Stocks and Preferred Stocks, as well as the full amount of stocks that you owed. No calculation is required as the formula in the table will do that for you. This Equity Analysis will be able to form the Total Equity Chart upon the second worksheet. You can easily view your retained earnings as well as the stock value precisely from the start of the period to its end.

This Equity Reconciliation Report will be able to allow you to figure out profit elements that are recent. You can form new investing strategies by analyzing this report. Reliable value estimation will let you form a decision concerning your future investments. You can find Equity Reconciliation Report templates online.

The template

The equity reconciliation report template is prepared in MS Excel format. The template is a professional-looking document that can be easily used by the investors for creating different types of financial reports with ease.

There are different empty fields in the template in which the user is required to input the data and analyze the stock value of the company. Using this template, the user can reconcile the equity amount.

There are two basic tabs in the equity reconciliation report template. One tab is used to input the financial details on the basis of which the reconciliation report is generated. Similarly, equity analysis is also conducted on the basis of this report template.

There are different rows and columns in the template that are used to collect information such as stock balance, balance, share’s average price and a lot more. The rows and columns are updated automatically and the calculations are also performed by pre-defined formulas. The template is also useful in plotting the graph on the basis of the data related to the investment provided by the user to the template.

Download the equity reconciliation report template and make easy use of it by editing it and personalizing it according to your needs.


Equity reconciliation report template

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Equity Reconciliation Report Template

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