cost of sales tool template

Cost of Sales Tool Template

Costs of Sales Tool & Excel Templates

Manufacturing a product requires using various materials. And all those materials have a cost. The accumulated cost brings us to what we call the cost of sales. A cost of sales is a technical term used by accountants, consultants, and retailers. The cost of sales is an important calculation on its own and also aids in the calculation of profits, gross profit, and even the net profit.

The gross profit can be calculated by subtracting the cost of sales from sales. The cost of sales is a combination of raw materials expense, labor rate, and any overheads incurred. It has a very simple formula.


Cost of sales = opening inventory + purchases – closing inventory

A cost of sales can be used in varying terms by different industries. Although the calculation is simple and easy yet the importance of cost of sales cannot be denied. Before the development of a product, it needs a product design which includes a lot of factors. One of the factors is designing a product keeping the cost of production in control. A cost of sales is a way to keep the product cost in control. It is mostly dependent on the production related costs. Any cost relevant to sales or administration is not a part of the cost of sales.

Keeping a record of the cost incurred is very important for any company or a business. The most common term that we hear in business is profit but the cost of sales is equally important. To manage the business operations in a better way, it is very important to get a hold of your cost of sales. One of the key factors of business failures is due not having a record of the goods or the inventory that a company/business maintains.

The main goal of any business is to make a profit. To ensure the correct profits, it is very important to maintain proper records. However, if a business ignores its cost of sales, it can never be able to analyze the profit it makes. The cost of sales tool is a good way to calculate and record the expenses incurred. This tool takes into account the sales, expenses which lead to the calculation of gross profit. It can be converted into percentages as it can be a more easy way to understand the expense incurred in terms of a percentage.

The cost of sales is the collective sum of all costs used to organize a new product or to start offering services, in summary, it is the total investment for a business. The term is more common among retailers and finance fielders than it is among ordinary people. A manufacturer is more likely to use the term cost of goods sold. The cost of sales line item appears close to the header of the income statement, as a subtraction from net sales. The result of this calculation is the gross margin earned by the reporting party.

In business, it really is necessary that you need to keep a record of just about everything that you do in order to run productively. Thus, it is mandatory that you use the Excel cost of sales tool templates to help figure out how much profit you are really making on certain things that you have sold to your customers. With this template, you won’t miss out the weaknesses of your transactions. The completely operative template also calculates stuff and applies several mathematical operations, which saves the user a huge amount of time.

Such templates are available online on the internet to use for free. These templates are simple to use, and one can make as many copies as he wants probably for multiple businesses you operate or just for the monthly division. After installation, you will not need a network connection to use the templates. One can also customize his templates according to his needs.

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