Daily Revenue Spreadsheet

The details about daily generated revenue are very important for those firms which are indulged in the process of distribution or selling. Although these reports are not easy to prepare, it is very helpful for a business at closing time.

What is daily revenue spreadsheet?

It is MS Excel formatted spreadsheet which is used to keep track of the revenue of the company generated on daily basis.


The generated revenue by any company is checked on a daily basis to keep the process of recording the sales executed by a business on daily basis. If you are running a large business then recording the revenue manually can be very time to consume for you.

Benefits of using daily revenue spreadsheet

  1. With the help of daily revenue spreadsheet, one can easily manage his revenues by categorizing items in different fields of the spreadsheet.
  2. It enables the user to understand the details about the revenue such as the source of revenue generation, total number of sales and a lot more.
  3. The user can easily place the names and numbers and other details relevant to the revenue generation in each field of the spreadsheet effortlessly.

What is the format of daily revenue spreadsheet?

The format of the spreadsheet is very simple. Since this report is prepared on daily basis, the date is very important to mention. It is usually mentioned on the upper side of the spreadsheet.

The name of the company and title of the spreadsheet can also be given at the top. Names of different fields should be added in different columns.

Give the details of the commodities which have been sold out each day. Write the price of each item sold out. Write the price of an item at which you purchased it from the manufacturer and the price at which you sold it out.

The next section of the spreadsheet should be based on the credit details in order to get the details about the transactions. You can also provide the description of the items or the description of the entire revenue report at the end.


Daily Revenue Spreadsheet


Daily Revenue Spreadsheet Template

Format: Microsoft Excel 2007-2013

File Size: 127 KB


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