Customer Informaion and Ranking Tool

It is important for every business to get essential details about their valuable customers. Knowing about the top-ranked customers always enables the business to treat them more appropriately.

Those customers who are not top ranked are also monitored by the business so that they can be treated in such a way that they also become top ranked. The companies can stay in touch with their old and loyal customers by using the customer information and ranking tool.

Customer ranking tools are vital for any business as they will allow the business to remember some important details of the customer. They allow businesses to see which customers are their top customers so that they can deal with them appropriately.

Other customers will also be listed, and this will allow the business to be able to make these customers also become top customers. This will also make it easier and cheaper for the business to keep their old customers in contact. It depends on what your business is, for you to be able to choose the proper customer ranking tool.

In the digital world, every company keeps all the data about its customers. However, some companies still don’t know anything about their customers in this modern age and cannot identify them. The use of social media has made it easier for every brand to get information about its customers since the customers leave a trail of data on social media as well as on search engine.


Companies which are concerned about their marketing strategies and revenue generation always try to have a better understanding of their customers. These days, many companies are using customer information and ranking tools. In order to get an exact picture of the customers, a readymade ranking tool can be used.

What are customer information and ranking tool?

Customer ranking tool is an effective tool that is used to assess the value of the customer. The purpose of using this tool is to know which effort of the company is the most beneficial one.

A variety of tools are available on the internet for assessing the value of the customer. One of the most popular tools is the Scoring Tool. This tool is best in performing the ranking of the customers whenever it is needed. Every business has its own parameters to rank the customers. The tool requires the user to provide the parameters.

You can use the Scoring Tool. This will be able to rank the customer’s likelihood of responding precisely based on some characteristics. You can utilize this tool when you wish to form a ranking for particular customers with bases on some attributes. The Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value of Customers or RFM tool will rank customers who have recently purchased something, who purchase usually, plus who spend more, these will be the ones who are more likely to purchase again. If you want to rank previous behavior so as to predict the future response then this tool will do the work.

The LTV or Lifetime Value Tool is able to project profits precisely over the exact number of years that the customer stays loyal. If you want to justify larger investments due to payback occurring over the lifetime, then you can use this tool.

The Data Mining tool is able to find data patterns which will be able to predict responses. This will let you find new customers that seem to be in the target segment.


The readymade tools are the best for people with the least knowledge and expertise. Moreover, these tools are also very easy to access and save a lot of time for the user. Big companies with a large number of customers use the template since it is not easy to rank all of them.


Customer information and ranking tool template

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