Annual Profit Budget Template

Business depends a lot upon the profit that it makes every month and every year. Expansion of the business is only possible if you are having a great deal of profit to match your expenses. No matter how small or big your company is, the profit numbers matter a lot. Accounts department is always worried about the figures. Profit is the money that you make after cutting down all the expenses including the utility bills of the company, manufacturing charges, warehouse charges, transport charges, shipping charges, insurance money, and sales that you make. The money that you save after paying all your employees at the end of the month’s your profit. Summarizing the profit of every month gives the profit of the whole year.

What is an Annual profit budget template?

It is a spreadsheet that contains the details of all the expenses of the company at the end of every year. Having a spreadsheet that contains all the data of the past 12 months gives the annual profit template. This template has all the expenses, incomes, profits, sales, assets, investments, and losses that the company has undergone in the past year.


How to use an Annual profit budget template?

You should have an idea about the gross income and expenses of your company while you choose our template to assess your annual profit. The template allows you to analyze your assets and profits for separate businesses in one template as well.

  • To use it, you should know the monthly expense of the company.
  • The number of the employees, their individual wages, and total wages is entered into a separate column.
  • The raw-material price, its transport, manufacturing and storage charges can be entered into separate columns.
  • You can break down your budget and profit according to the months and quarter of a month using this template.
  • You can calculate the profit, loss, revenue, sales of each of your business separately using a single template.
  • You can compare the difference using the graphs.
  • The template allows you to check the difference between the profits of each business as well so that you can assess which business is the main source of profit for you.


Annual Profit Budget Template


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