18 Period Budget Template

Making a budget for a longer duration of time not only saves your time but keeps you well organized as well. A budget sheet that is for a long lasting budget plan allows the user to customize the sheet according to the needs during this period. Whether you are designing a budget sheet for a month or a year, you have to make sure that you know the total income and its sources as well. While making an 18-period budget template, you should understand that you are making a template for 18 months. You have to consider a lot of factors while doing that.

What is an 18-period budget template?

It is a spreadsheet that contains all the information about your income, expenses, and savings for a period of 18 months in a single sheet. The spreadsheet allows you to modify the categories according to your budget plan. You can change the fields during the course of 18 months. The template allows you to compare the profits and expenses of every month.


Features of the 18-period budget template:

The 18-period budget template given below is designed by our team of professionals and is compatible with the ones available in the market. You can use it for your business easily.

  • An 18-period budget template covers the budget plan for 18 months.
  • It can be modified whenever required.
  • The functional formulas and graphs allow you to compare the expenses and profits of every month.
  • You can input the estimated expenses and actual expenses in separate columns and then get the difference easily.
  • The savings are given at the end of the template.
  • It is convenient to write your total budget of the 18 months at the top of the spreadsheet. This will allow you to make the entire sheet within that budget.
  • Input the starting date and the ending date at the top as well. You don’t have to scroll down to look for the date to keep yourself updated.

Managing an 18-period budget template will help you to resist a lot of financial issues.


18 Period Budget Template


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