Vehicle Repair Log


A log book is used for various purposes to keep record of various types of entities. Vehicle repair log book keeps record of costs or expenses that occur on vehicle maintenance. It shows the way your vehicle is maintained or repaired. This will add to value of your vehicle at the time of selling.

This log book can be manually created or nowadays one can design it on his own computer using software or it is available in market in the form of ready to use document. It has some specific features such as it enlists the date of service or maintenance, the description of work, the shop name, contact, the labor cost and parts cost.


It may also include the receipts and invoices so that you can prove at the time of verification that what work is done to your vehicle.

  • The vehicle repair log instructions vary as per the manufacturer such as Toyota or Honda
  • It must show the purchase date of a vehicle.
  • It must show the number of times and respective dates on which the vehicle is repaired.
  • It must show that warranty repair receipt that you obtain from a shop where you take your vehicle for a repair service.
  • There must be mentioned the repair order number so that you can easily track.
  • There must be detailed description of problems in vehicles for which you opt a repair and also mention the desired service requires such as oil change.
  • It must show the invoice that a repair shop owner issues you at the time when you take back your vehicle from a repair service shop.

A sample of vehicle repair log is given here as a template. Download and utilize to do the job.

Download your file below.


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