Decision Log Template

An accurate and the best way to manage the decision of any company is the use of a decision log template. Maintain the decision is the core process of any company which is done by the manager of the company. It keeps track of all the decision which have been made up till now and also those people who have made these decisions. This is very easy to use the template as it helps the person in a number of ways.

In daily life, we see that the majority of people are not aware of the fact that making a decision can be the most important task for a company. With the help of this template, people get the knowledge about the importance of the decision making and when they find it easy to keep track of decisions then they do it easily and on the daily basis.


These templates keep track of all those decisions which have been made and also the reasons for making them so that the people who come to work in that company later can know that why were those decisions made and who was responsible for them. They can also know all the possible impacts which their decision can have on the company by looking at the past decisions.

A person can also review their decision log before making any new decision further. When a project manager of the company gets the request related to the decision he reviews all the details related to that decision and then he decides that whether that decision should be added in the log or not.

Decision log template

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Decision Log Template

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Project Decision Document

What is the project decision log?

A project decision log is a formally used document that captures the information regarding the project. The purpose of this document is to help the person making a decision. There is a team of decision-makers who work together in order to make a decision. The decision document provides all the options to the decision makers that they need for making the right decision. This document also describes why a particular option was chosen

What are the key benefits of using project decision log?

The key benefits that can be availed by using the decision log are:

  1. The decision log provides all the available options to the person who has to make a decision. The related benefits of the decision and the potential risks associated with that option are also represented in the decision document.
  2. After the decision has been made, the decision maker uses the decision document to note the decision. The person who made the decision and the date on which the decision was made is also important information to be included in the decision document. In other words, the decision document also becomes a record sheet for the decision makers that will help them in future in terms of making a decision.
  3. The decision document provides all the options that are available to the decision maker. The challenges which a decision maker is facing are also represented in this document. The decision maker is given the information about the potential issues he is going to face and some options choosing which can help him resolve those issues.

When to use the decision document?

When you come across a situation which is very challenging, and you don’t know what to do, the decision document can be used to get the suggestions regarding the decisions to be made. Those people who work in a highly sensitive environment where there are a lot of threats, the decision document should be considered to be clear about what to do.

The decision document template is a document that helps the person to make of the decision document effectively


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