Liquor inventory sheet

Liquor Inventory Sheet

Inventory is the listing and keeping a record of all the assets that a company has. If we specifically talk about liquor inventory, it means the total count and listing of all the liquor that a business holds as its inventory.

Liquor is an alcoholic drink that is made by the distillation process of grains, vegetables, and fruits that have already gone through the alcoholic fermentation. Brandy and Whiskey are good examples.


A liquor inventory sheet is used to keep a track of all the liquors that a currently available with a business or a person and that needs to be ordered for future sale or use.

The liquor inventory sheet is a useful tool for a person having a liquor store or who manages a liquor warehouse. The tool is used to ease the burden from the worker and saves his time also. Any brand of liquor and its availability can be easily tracked down.

In old times, the liquor business used to maintain its inventory in registers and log books. But today, there are modern templates that are used to keep a record of liquors in a properly ordered manner. The data is kept online and saved and updated regularly, thus reducing the workforce and making the process time efficient.

Wine collection

For a restaurant or for a business dealing in the food business, having and selling liquor is crucial, be it of any kind. This is because, without liquor, many people feel that their food is incomplete if they don’t have something to drink with it.

Making sure that the restaurant or the cafe has the right amount of liquor and has the specific kind of liquor is important. That is why they have a separate liquor inventory which they see and maintain on an everyday basis and sell it from there.

They need to make sure that the inventory is being maintained and for that, they make use of a liquor inventory sheet which consists of details of every kind of liquor that is present in the liquor inventory of the cafe or restaurant.

Structure of a liquor inventory sheet:

The typical structure of a liquor inventory sheet consists of:

  • Company / Bar name.
  • Name of employee who counts.
  • Liquor type / brand type.
  • The number of units.
  • Open bottles, full bottles, full bottles in the storeroom.
  • Cost per bottle.
  • Total costs.

Collecting liquor is collecting knowledge about liquor and the opportunity of collecting joyful and wonderful experiences. The purpose of the collection of liquors varies among people. Some collect for the business purpose to earn money while other collects it for pleasure so that they can taste it. They enjoy drinking different brands of liquor. Others collect liquor to appreciate in value. People take out their collection of wine to sit and enjoy with family.

Uses of liquor inventory sheet:

The liquor inventory sheet is becoming popular. Some of the uses are:

  • Gives the name of all the wine brands from different regions of the world.
  • It helps the person to maintain the liquor according to the demand.
  • The liquor sheet informs the owner about the shortage and its reorder time and number.

Excel worksheets

This Liquor inventory sheet consists and mentions details about the liquor such as the price of the liquor, the date of the liquor, how many quantity or bottles does the restraint or the cafe have remaining, how much is the demand and how many should be supplied, if there is a shortage or an excess etc.

These details are to be mentioned in the rows and columns of the liquor inventory sheet and should be filled on a regular basis to keep an organized and a neat check of the liquor inventory. Because various cafes and restaurants don’t have the time to make a new or fresh Liquor inventory sheet every time they need it, they make use of a liquor inventory sheet template.


liquor inventory sheet

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