Inventory Count Sheet

The manual designing of inventory count sheet needs a long process to compile everything on paper. Instead, a pre-formatted on-line inventory count sheet template is a complete user –friendly document. This in-built sheet contains a sheet number from every department. On top of the inventory list, columns for inventory numbers are present. The list includes a description, price, quantity, and location of the item. The entire format is totally customizable with the added option to insert the company trade name.

What is the inventory count sheet?

The inventory count sheet is a spreadsheet document that is used to write a thorough description of the items available in the inventory. The description of the inventory items usually includes the names, location and vendor details of the items present in the inventory.


What is the purpose of using the inventory count sheet?

The purpose of using the count sheet spreadsheet document is to check the inventory items present in the warehouse. In other words, the items in the warehouse are counted and then they are compared with the data that was already saved in the computer. This is usually done at the end of the accounting period. It enables the user to make adjustments according to the result obtained from the count conducted.

What are the benefits of using the inventory count sheet?

  1. The inventory count sheet is beneficial as it clearly tells what a business has right now on-hand.
  2. No matter which type of inventory system is being used in a business, the inventory count sheet always ensures that a business is following an accurate inventory system which is capable enough to help a business in improving its efficiency when it comes to buying and selling the goods.
  3. The count sheets are also useful because they help a business take a snapshot of the inventory on a particular date. In this way, a business can easily ensure that it is making a comparison between the current results with the previous results effectively.

The Microsoft Excel template for inventory count sheet is the best available free template to count your inventory. It has a free download option; you can design your count sheet as a professional looking quality document.

The first thing you need to do is to count out each and every item you have as your inventory. After filling the inventory data in the count sheet you are able to track the items by looking it in the count sheet and you can also create columns for extra details or notes. If you use Microsoft office, inset table option then you can use the inserted table, to arrange your fields with relative information.

The count sheet will help you to enhance your business process as the inventory count sheet is precise, uniform and simple to understand. The print copies option let every department make copies of inventory counting daily, weekly or monthly basis. Next time you sit down to count your inventory, open the inventory count sheet free template and start writing down the counts.


Inventory count sheet

Download your file below.

Inventory Count Sheet Template

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How often a business should use the inventory count sheet?

What should be the frequency of using the inventory count sheet depends on the size of the business. If your business is being operated on a large scale, you may postpone the task of conducting the physical count for years because of the time required to take the physical count of the large inventory.

However, there are also many other factors that also determine how often a business can decide to conduct the inventory count sheet. The inventory count can be conducted efficiently if you make use of the template.

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