Editorial Calendar Template

If you are working in an organization and your job is to plan all the activities and tasks to be done by the organization, you will need an editorial calendar. The calendar keeps everyone organized and enables the organization to monitor the performance of every individual. When it comes to using a top class calendar with diversified functionalities, one can ensure that all the activities of the organization are streamlined with the workers of the company.

The management of the content with the help of a well-designed template is very easy. The editorial calendar helps the person in planning his content. The contents that you may want to arrange includes the blogs, social media etc. you can develop the good habit of planning the contents with the help of an editorial calendar template. You can perform the process of planning the contents very easily.


What is an editorial calendar template?

Editorial calendar is a spreadsheet document that is usually used by writers when they want to market their contents optimally. It enables the writers to organize the posts of their blogs and also make many campaigns for their content.

For many bloggers, writing is not a big challenge anymore. The work related to writing is what makes the bloggers more stressed out. There are lots of things related to blogging which are required to be done when it comes to blogging such as targeting the right type of people, choosing the best keyword and a lot more. Furthermore, it is not possible for the blogger to skip any of these tasks since they all work in coordination and contribute to the success of the blog.

The editorial calendar template is a very handy tool which comes in MS Excel, PDF and in the format of Google calendar. There are instructions on each step that a user gets while using the template. So, no matter you are an expert blogger or a newbie, you can use this template conveniently.

The template is available in MS Excel spreadsheet format. You can choose a template with the format based on your needs and requirements.

You can keep track of the published pieces with the help of the tab which is known as the content inventory. This template consists of many spaces which can give you the place to provide the detailed responses in many categories such as subject, focus keywords, sources, and key elements. The template also allows the person to check all the blog posts which have been scheduled in word press and also gives quick edit titles.  If you are not sure about the performance of your behavior then you can use this tool to comprehend the performance of your contents. It serves as a medium where you can dump your all contents at once.

The contents placed in this template can be arranged week by week or month by month. The coloring of the cells of the spreadsheet is another remarkable feature of this template. Different coloring can show the difference in the status of each content whether it has been published, pending or planned.


Editorial Calendar Template


Editorial Calendar Template

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 Benefits of using the template:

Using this calendar template is very convenient for the user because of the following benefits:

  1. You can keep your assignments organized with the help of a template. You can easily note when you were assigned the assignment and the date on which you completed it.
  2. For each field, there are meta tags and instructions for the user as well as many additional links
  3. There is a lot of space in each field where you can input as much information as you want.

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