employee vacation tracker

Employee Vacation Tracker


Often many organizations have allotted a number of days on which an employee can take off. These can be paid or unpaid as per the rules and regulations of the organization. To keep track of the vacations of the employees, an organization should maintain a worksheet. This worksheet will include all the employees and the number of days they have taken off, they can take off and the number of days in their vacation left. This worksheet would not only help keep track but also can come handy at the time of scheduling vacations.

It is advised that the sheet should be divided according to the various departments in an organization. This would be helpful in organizing and would not look messy. You can allow various colors to various employees. For example, you can use the color red for employees who have used up their off days, yellow for employees who are on their vacation, green for employees that haven’t used their vacations, blue for employees that are in line to take their vacations and etc.

You can always distribute such worksheets to supervisors and managers so they can better manage the vacations of the employees working under them. By taking this step, the burden will be evenly distributed and no one person would be responsible. You can also post this worksheet in a place where there is frequent traffic of employees. They can mark their off days so that other employees are aware of what the other employee is doing and will also promote transparency.

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