Volunteer Work Hour Schedule Worksheet

People who engage themselves in volunteer work are regarded and appreciated. Some companies also require or prefer those candidates who work as volunteers for a cause. Volunteer work usually makes you look more empathetic and caring.

What is a volunteer work hour schedule worksheet?

It is a simple tool that people use to keep track of the number of hours they spend doing social work.


Why is it important to track the work hours of a volunteer?

People who do volunteer work know that their portfolio is going to be strong if they mention the social work they do and the duration of the social work. This worksheet has empty fields to collect the details of the number of hours a person has spent working for others without getting paid. So, whenever a person wants to see how many hours he has invested in volunteer work, he can use this worksheet to rely on.

What information does a social work hour sheet collect?

The hour worksheet is generally used to keep the record. At a particular time, it becomes the biggest source of information for the user. However, it first collects details and then converts them into useful output. Sometimes, it acts only as a record sheet that is just a snapshot of what a user has been doing in the form of volunteer work. This sheet collects the following details:

Date of volunteer work:

The first column of the time sheet collects information about when the user embarked on doing volunteer work.

Description of the work:

Social work is of many types. Although it doesn’t matter which sector of the society you have served voluntarily, it gives other people plenty of information as to what kind of things you have been exposed to, what kind of people you were surrounded by, and much more. The description section also tells the kind of experience the volunteer has gained.

For instance, if a person has experience working as a volunteer in a school, he can get a job in a school based on that experience.

The total number of hours worked:

This section of the hour sheet tells how many hours a person has spent working voluntarily. Experience also matters a lot. If you have more experience working voluntarily, it shows that you do it out of empathy and compassion not because you want to make your profile strong. Make sure that you record the time as soon as you finish the work so that you don’t forget important dates and times.


In the last column, the person you have worked for validates your volunteer work with signatures and now you can use it as proof that you have been working as a social worker.

Is the volunteer work hour worksheet useful?

This worksheet comes with plenty of benefits which it is considered very useful. Social workers generally have more exposure than those who don’t. Social workers generally have to travel quite often from one place to another which gives them more exposure.

So, having the experience of social work in their profile enables other people to see the worth of the person. No one can remember the number of hours they have worked for any organization. These excel sheets are used as record sheets to keep the record as long as a person wants.

Students who have worked for a cause can prove that they are productive individuals who think about society and want to work for their community. Admission governing authorities can see that the individual is likely to serve the community after completing his degree also and this way, the chances for him to get admission increase.

Is using a template beneficial?

It is very common for people to use templates for keeping track of work hours they put in for a non-profit organization. The template makes your life easier. It provides you with a readymade sheet that you will only download and start using. It saves your time and also allows you to focus on other things and processes that are more important in your life.


Volunteer work hour schedule worksheet