Billing Statement Worksheet

All service providers know that it is very important to have clear and transparent communication with clients before and after the provision of services. When the communication is strong and clear, it shows that the service provider is well-aware of professionalism. After the services have been provided, the service provider issues the bill to the client. 

What is a billing statement?

A billing statement is a document that provides details to the client about all the services and products he purchased from the service provider. It is also known as an account statement. This billing statement is an essential document as it lets the client know how much he has been charged for the services or products he has purchased.


What information does the billing statement provide?

The information provided by the billing statement includes:

Description of the company:

The billing invoice also includes the details of the company that issues it. The details include the logo of the company, name, contact details, etc. The description is generally mentioned on the top and it shows to which company this particular invoice belongs.

List of services or products:

The billing statement enlists all those services and products against which a client or customer is charged. The total price of each service and product is also mentioned.

Total bill:

Bill of statements also includes the total amount a client is required to pay. It includes the sum of all the charges, the total tax on the bill, and some other additional charges.

Benefits of the billing statement:

It develops trust:

A billing statement is a breakdown of all the charges a person has to pay to the service provider. This is essential because the client does not pay the total bill unless he gets the comprehensive billing information. When he sees the list of charges, he gets satisfaction and pays the bill with trust.

It makes the service provider look professional:

People with a professional approach and thinking know how important it is to show billing details to the customer. The information displayed on the account statement brings everyone to one page and it is ensured that no one disagrees with the total bill to be paid. This way, lots of disputes are avoided.

It is good for record-keeping:

People who provide services are required to keep a record of how much they earn and what they spend in the provision of services. The billing statement has a unique identification number that helps them keep a record of every transaction seamlessly.

Billing statement template:

A template billing statement is a tool that enables everyone to use it for generating the bill for their customers. It saves people from having to create their account statements from scratch. There is plenty of space in this statement so that people can enlist as many items as they want. Since the user does not need to create it, it saves a lot of time of the user.

Billing statement worksheet template