Time and Attendance Sheet

Time and attendance sheet is one of the effective tools for keeping track of the attendance of people who are participating in the event, class or seminar. Not only attendance, but the absence, tardiness and other details related to the presence of the person are also evaluated.

These days, many organizations are regularly using the time and attendance sheet because of the benefits it comes with. This sheet is an effective tool for all those employers who want to get the information about the time of the employee, manage the tasks assigned to them and a lot more.


The time and attendance systems is a globally adopted system to record employees’ work starting and finishing times. This time and attendance record also considers the meals or break time.

These records help the organization to keep track of employees working hours. It will help to outsource the payments each employee deserves and will control the labor cost and payroll glitches. It also reflects the employer concerns about the production time and productivity as more the employee remains absent the less will be the productivity. You can regulate your labor issues through strict management on time and attendance reporting.

This time and attendance sheet will help you to access the vacation period or other assign leaves like sick leaves and everything is calculated to give the employee a payment which his work actually deserves.

Benefits of time and attendance sheet template:

  1. Time and attendance sheet has been found to be very effective in saving the time and money of the user. This sheet enables the company to spend less time on payroll processing. The tracking and processing of payroll can take several days. The template performs the process of payroll tracking and makes it easier to process the salary
  2. The involvement of human being in any work increases the probability of risk occurrence. Even the most expert people make mistakes. A template is a useful tool that reduces the risk of error or inaccuracy in the data. The errors in the accounting data can affect the bottom line of the company which is the reason many companies try to reduce the occurrence of error through the use of calculators and templates. The formulas that have been used in attendance and timesheet give the most accurate results.
  3. The time and attendance sheet enable the employer knows how many times the employee took off from work and how many sick leaves he can take further. There can be disputes between the employee and his boss about the attendance of the employee. The time and attendance sheet template enables the employee to keep track of his attendance related information instead of relying on the information provided by the company
  4. The template provides increased flexibility with which the user can modify it and make it more appropriate to be used.

Big organizations also have systems in many shifts. Some workers want to do over time by working in both the shifts, thus this time and attendance sheet will help to gigue out the shift hours and the payment due on the overtimes.

The time factor enlists the time in and time out of the employee to keep the check on latecomers and decide about their deductions.

A traditional paper card method is adopted by several companies to record their staff’s time and attendance however with the digital technology many Software are now being designed to produce effective time and attendance sheets.

Online templates are also serving through free downloads to let you design your own attendance sheet systematically.


Time and attendance sheet template

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Time & Attendance Sheet Template

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