Price Quotations

If you have a shop or sell things, you will know the importance of a price quotation template. You will probably be selling certain things for some time period to a client. The client will require a quotation so that you fulfill what was agreed upon.

What is a Price Quotation Template?

A price quotation template is a document that a seller gives to a buyer for providing goods as well as services at a stated price. This is subject to terms along with conditions specified therein. A price quotation tends to be a fixed price that cannot be altered when accepted by a customer.


What to include in the template?

If you need to make a price quotation template you can consider the tips below:

  • Microsoft Excel– This template can be made in Microsoft Excel. This is because calculations can occur over here.
  • Heading– Give the heading of the template “Price Quotation” or “Quote” simply.
  • Company name– At the top of the document state the company name clearly. Give the address, phone number, fax, etc.
  • Prepared by– Tell who the quote was prepared by.
  • Date– The date needs to be stated as well.
  • Quote number– This should be provided as well.
  • Customer ID– This is another point that needs to be stated.
  • Valid Until– You need to give the date of this clearly so that the customer and you know when the quote is applicable.
  • Customer information– This should be stated clearly. Type the name, company name, address, and phone of the customer.
  • Table– A table should be made which will have the description of the products. This will state if there is any service fee, labor, discount. The next column should be the taxed column. Over here, you will state if any product is taxed or not. The last column will be the amount one. Here give the amount clearly of the service.
  • Subtotal– This needs to be stated clearly. The taxable amount should be given, as well — the tax rate, tax due need to be given. You will need to give the total due at the end.
  • Terms and conditions– A table with terms and conditions should provide these clearly.
  • Signature– The name and signature of the seller should be given.
  • Your contact details– At the end of the template, you can have the message that the buyer can contact you if they have any questions with the quotation. Give your name, phone number, and email address.

Advantages of the Price Quotation Template:

The advantages of a price quotation template are:

  • Lets a seller provide a buyer with details of a sale.
  • The buyer has proof of the details of a sale.

Final Words:

A price quotation template is important for a buyer and seller. It allows them to let sellers know the details of sales. This can be kept as proof and used later on when needed. It should be clear having the terms and conditions stated carefully. The above are some points that you can consider when you make this template. Anything discussed with the buyer that is important should be given clearly.



Price Quotation Template


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