Gantt Chart Template

If you are involved in project management, you will know the importance of a Gantt chart. It can be used as a production control tool and is useful for certain projects.

What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is a chart that has a series of horizontal lines. These show how much work has been done or production has been completed within certain periods. This is about how much was planned for those periods. It, therefore, lets one know whether they are meeting their target.


How do I create a Gantt chart template?

If you need to make this template, you can consider the following points:

  • Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel does not provide you with a built-in Gantt chart that you can use as a template. But this can be created in Excel by employing the bar graph functionality as well as some formatting.
  • Make a project table: Begin by entering the project’s data in the Excel spreadsheet. Each task should be listed in a separate row. The project plan can be structured by having a start date, an end date, and a duration.
  • Create a standard Excel bar chart based on the start date: Set up the usually stacked bar chart. Choose a range of start dates, particularly with the column header. Go to the “Insert” > “Charts” group then click Bar. Beneath the 2-D Bar section, you will click Stacked Bar.
  • Duration Data– Right-click within the chart place and choose the option “Select Data.” To choose more data (Duration), you need to click the Add button. In the Edit Series window, you will type Duration in the Series name area. Then click the Range icon. In the Edit Series window, choose the project Duration data. Click OK.
  • Task descriptions– These need to be added to the Gantt chart. Replace the days present on the left side with the tasks list.
  • Transform your bar graph into an Excel Gantt chart– You will have a stacked bar chart. It is necessary to include the correct formatting so that it looks like a Gantt chart. Remove the blue bars; therefore, only the orange areas representing your project’s tasks are visible. The blue bars will not be deleted but will be made transparent.
  • Design of the Excel Gantt chart– You can improve the design of the Gantt chart. This can be done by removing the space that is in the left area of the Gantt chart. Adjust how many dates you have on the Gantt chart. Remove extra white space among the bars.

Advantages of a Gantt Chart Template:

  • Let me know if you have reached your targets in production.
  • It allows you to have a pictorial representation of whether work is going according to plan.

Final Words:

The Gantt chart can be made in Microsoft Excel by considering the above points, along with others. It is necessary to add the details carefully so that no mistakes are made. You can design it by adding different colors.


Gantt chart template

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