Personal Mileage Tracker

You may need to keep track of how much you travel in your car. This may be due to traveling for business purposes, whereby there is reimbursement for mileage. There are some businesses and offices who do allow this.

What is a Personal Mileage Tracker Template?

When you use a personal vehicle to go for official business travel, you can get reimbursement for the mileage. This can be tracked in a personal mileage tracker. An employee, guest of some university, and student can get this reimbursement.


What to Include in the template?

If you want to create a personal mileage tracker template, you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– Microsoft Excel is a good application to use for this template. This is because it has features that can create them effectively.
  • Heading– Give a heading so that the document looks professional and readers know what it is for. The heading can be “Mileage Log” or something like this.
  • Date– You need to have a column that records the date. This will allow the reader to know when you traveled how much.
  • Time– It is necessary to state the time clearly. With these details, the employer and reader will have a clear view of your mileage.
  • Description– This is another important column that should be given. Over here you will briefly type what activity you were doing that you are saving mileage for. It can be something like to “deliver goods,” “shop for a gift,” etc. It should be brief and short.
  • Purpose– The next column is for stating what purpose you traveled for. This includes “business” or “personal.”
  • From and To Column– After the “Purpose” column, you will have the “From” column. State clearly from where you went. The “To” column will tell where you went to. These both are also very important because they let the reader know where you were going from and to where.
  • Odometer Start– The next column will give the Odometer Start reading. Write this carefully without any mistake.
  • Odometer Finish– This also needs to be written carefully without mistake. State the meter reading clearly.
  • Total mileage recorded– This should be calculated properly. With this the reader and the person who need to reimburse, you will know the mileage clearly.

What are the Advantages of the template:

The advantages of a personal mileage tracker template are:

  • Clearly lets you save how much mileage you cover for reimbursement purposes.
  • Allows you to save this information clearly.
  • Lets your employer clearly see where you traveled for business purposes.

Final Words:

A personal mileage tracker template is a helpful template as it helps save the mileage. With this, you can get paid for any work-related travel. This tracker needs to be made simple so that it can be read clearly. All numbers need to be saved properly without any mistakes. It is a good way to track miles as it does not have too many details.


Personal mileage tracker template

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