Payslip Template for Excel

Companies or business progress through the collective efforts of their employees. These employees work in teams to form departments and carry out specific tasks which also define their job description. All these teams work in coordination to complete tasks and assist in making their business or companies successful.

They are on the payroll of their employers and are hired to do the job which is expected of them. In addition to their monthly pay, employees are also benefited from bonuses, allowances, and medical facilities as per the company’s criteria.


What is a payslip document/worksheet?

A payslip also known as a wage slip is a formal document issued by the employer that depicts the income salary, tax, medical, and deductions of the employee. This payslip is issued for every employee regardless of their rank within the company and serves as the hard copy proof of their salaries.

Previously, hard copies of the payslips were handed out to employees but in today’s paper-free words, soft copies are mailed to the designated employee.

Common text to add to the document/worksheet

Although payslips are official documents and can be submitted as proof in a court of law, the language used is very basic and understandable. The information provided on the payslip is mentioned below,

  • Name of employee
  • Employee Number
  • Department
  • Job description
  • Location
  • Address of company’s Head office
  • Contact information
  • Salary of the employee
  • Nature of deduction
  • Net salary
  • Bank address
  • Month of payslip
  • Date of payment
  • Date of the current day

All the above-mentioned information completely defines the status of employees within the company along with their salaries. There lies a difference between gross salary and net salary as some deductions are done before paying the client. These deductions include tax, medical facilities, funds that can be reimbursed, endowment funds, and others.

All the deductions occur as per the company’s criteria and every employee is well aware of these deductions. In addition, some companies have rules to deduct the salaries of their employees in definite percentages in case of absence from work. The addition of any bonus will also be mentioned on the payslip.

Check for any discrepancies…

It is important to always check the payslip carefully to avoid any discrepancies. Funds department of the company has to make payslips for hundreds of employees and can make mistakes. These mistakes if caught by the employee can be corrected by showing their payslips.

Designs of payslips are simple as they serve the purpose of letting the employee know about their salaries. These payslips are devoid of colors and art to keep their purpose basic and informative. Templates of payslips are available on the internet and can be used easily after downloading and filling in the relevant information.

Some of the specific payslips are also available which can be downloaded after paying their price. These templates are either locked by the programmer or are watermarked to avoid theft.

Many multinational companies hire their own designers for making customized payslips and take great pride in such activities. Companies also hire freelancers from different websites to perform these tasks and pay them accordingly.

Moreover, any employee can be assigned the task of making them as they can be made using MS Word without any formal assistance.

Payslip Template for Excel

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