Maintenance Invoice

Invoices are a part and parcel of every business. The financial department keeps a record of these invoices. Calculation and comparison of invoices are of great concern as these let a business know that in which direction it is moving. The profitability is ensured by such comparison when positive outcomes are obtained.

What is Maintenance Invoice?

A maintenance invoice is a bill that is presented to the customer after the completion of the maintenance of a particular machine, plumbing, repairing or any other similar job.


The maintenance invoice is of great significance in this regard as this official document contains all the maintenance details and charges for it. Companies use the maintenance invoice in order to keep a perfect record of entire accounts.

Many of the buildings need repairing and maintenance services. There exist a number of companies who offer development and maintenance services. They look for the services that a building requires and tries their best to assure the best maintenance of it. The skilled and experienced labors use durable materials and their efforts in order to get the best outcomes and ensure best customer satisfaction. Many private companies and houses want to hire companies for plumbing, maintenance, and repair of their buildings.

The maintenance services may include repair of ceilings, plumbing, HVAC maintenance, AC repairing, furnace maintenance and much more. The maintenance services vary from building to building. Companies charge money for the maintenance services provided.

Elements of Maintenance Invoice:

Maintenance invoice is comprised of a number of components. It involves the description of items that are requested or used. A total number of products are mentioned too. Prices of each item are mentioned in with its name. The labor cost which the client has to pay to get the services are mentioned. The information about all the periodic services taken to keep the building in a brilliantly operating condition is mentioned on the invoice.

Many of the businesses prefer to use maintenance invoice as it is convenient to use. It is available in pdf, .xls and .doc format. Customize the maintenance invoice by adding the company name and logo on it. Make the changes according to the business requirement. The total amount is the sum up of materials used and labor cost.


Maintenance invoice


Maintenance Service Invoice Template

Format: Microsoft Excel 2007-2010

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