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Equipment Maintenance Log

Equipment Use & Maintenance

Maintenance of your valued assets is an essential chore to perform at regular intervals. What would happen if you own a precious metal ornament and it gets rusty over time? It will certainly lose its value, therefore to keep your assets in a presentable and functional condition you need to maintain them on a timely basis.

Same is the case with your property and vehicle that if they are not maintained with time they will be devalued. To keep an organized maintenance program it is better to design a log in which you can put your maintenance schedule of every equipment you own.


The maintenance log is a gizmo, which helps you in a case of collapses, damages & repairs. Maintenance logs are crucial because it helps to maintain the internal or external scam of your set program, stuff, kits or vehicle on periodic interludes. The maintenance log is usually sketched in the contract with the companies; these companies provide services on a contract basis.

Equipment in use requires constant maintenance. However, when an organization is using a lot of equipment, it becomes hard to remember all the maintenance details such as when was the last maintenance done, when is the next maintenance due, etc. If the equipment is not properly maintained, accidents or other issues may arise resulting in legal and financial problems for the company. To make the task easy and avoid the hassle, an equipment maintenance log is used.

The equipment maintenance log tracks and keeps a record of all the details of equipment maintenance and helps in giving an overview just by looking at it. It serves as a checklist to see the maintenance status of different equipment. A record of every maintained issue in each equipment is kept in this log to keep and manage maintenance history.

Generally, maintenance logs refer to get any preventive measure on your property, equipment or services that it will retain its worth in future. The equipment maintenance log compilation will aid you in the following areas. You can:

  • Design your program knowing that the maintenance task is near
  • Make the resources ready for maintenance
  • Outline the cost of maintenance
  • The smooth flow of operations with no bugs
  • Emergencies are possible with a maintained environment

There are many software and templates available to maintain equipment maintenance log. Some companies customize the available ones or use them as it is while others design their own logs. The information included in the log may vary depending on the type of equipment that is being used. The main information included in the log, however, is kind of same. This log contains information such as:

  • Serial number
  • Equipment name
  • Warranty
  • Instructions in manual
  • Date of last maintenance
  • Date of next due maintenance
  • Details of various maintenance processes

The log helps and eases in keeping the equipment properly maintained which has many benefits. Some of those are:

  • If an equipment is maintained on time, the revenue generation through it will not be hindered.
  • It can help in avoiding the manufacturing of damaged products.
  • The resale value of the equipment increases.
  • The safety for equipment operators improves.
  • Legal issues can be avoided and compliance with regulations can be increased.
  • Proper records reduce expensive repairs.
  • It is easy to see the health of each equipment easily and clearly.
  • It helps in knowing which equipment is practical and which models require a lot of maintenance so to take future decisions
  • It can highlight any probable issues with equipment so that timely action can be taken by engineers or the concerned personnel or the outside support.
  • The stated history can prove to be helpful for repairing the equipment.
  • The log highlights any upcoming maintenance so that timely action can be planned and executed.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards, it is important to update records in the equipment maintenance log for every independent use for accuracy and cross-referencing.

Several pre-designed online templates are available for sketching your maintenance logs. Many websites offer different categories for the different maintenance program. Microsoft Excel also documents this log in a user-friendly way. Just download the template and maintain everything.

Download your file below.

Equipment Maintenance Log Template

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