Deposit Record Template

The main purpose of using the cash deposit record is to implement an organized process of receiving and depositing the cash payment. All the companies keep the deposit record, and it is submitted to the authorized bank. The deposit record worksheet keeps track of the amount deposited by each customer of the company. It also acts as a reminder.

There can be a separate deposit record slip for each cash deposit station, or a combined deposit slip can also be used. The company keeps the duplicate copy of the deposit record, and the original slip is deposited in the bank.


There are random deposit times in which the clients can bring their cash for deposit. There should be a specific accounting program that can wisely handle the deposit record and perform all the calculation. It is important to mention the correct information in this record sheet.

The purpose of deposit record:

The main purpose of keeping the deposit record is to avoid the malpractices. Every state’s government imposes this restriction to keep the log of the deposit record.

Deposit record template:

The template for deposit record sheet is used in most of the companies. This template ensures that the record of the deposits is being written and tracked efficiently. This template is available in a professional format and provides lots of features.

What does the deposit record template contain?

The deposit record template includes the deposit ticket number which is unique for every slip. The name and contact details of the company using this sheet are also part of the sheet. The name of the currency, as well as total amount of cash, deposited each day is mentioned in the deposit record sheet.

Just like other record sheets, this template is also available in MS Excel format. It allows the user to input the details that are specific to his business. This template is suitable for those people, who want to stay away from the hassle of preparing the deposit record sheet for their business from scratch as it requires some specialized skills and knowledge.


Deposit record template


Deposit Record Template

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