Travel Expense Calculator Template

Travel expense calculator is used to track the expenses when you are traveling either on a short or long trip. It is a very important to stay in your budget when you are out. Expenses can be tracked easily with complete accuracy with the help of travel expense calculator.

It is a very helpful tool that helps you in the calculation of all the expenses so you will not have to do it by yourself.


Benefits of travel expense calculator:

  1. This calculator is very useful to be used in order to track all the expenses one has to incur while traveling. Knowing the cost enables the person to cut down the expenses which are unnecessary.
  2. This expense calculator makes you plan your holidays with complete efficiency. Whether you are going on a small trip or with a luxurious resort, you will always be needed to plan your budget. There are different functionalities that have been incorporated in this expense calculator template so that you can calculate everything accurately.
  3. This MS Excel spreadsheet has been designed by professionals who have a personal experience of travelling and budgeting. They always try to provide you realistic prospective of the budget they want you to plan.

The purpose of using this expense calculator is to make sure that you are not over spending. The people who have limited resources should always use this calculator to make sure that everything is within the limits outlined by them.

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The spreadsheet has been designed by those people who understand the importance of budget. They went to read all those important details in this calculator, then everyone who is traveling may be included in expense calculation.

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How to use:

You can download and keep the file on your laptop or in mobile. You can enter all the information date wise. For each date mention all the expense that you have made. Before you see all the calculations done for you, you must know:

  1. Total estimated cost/mile
  2. Total duration of travel

The calculator will do for you:

  1. Will find total travel cost
  2. Total accommodation cost
  3. Total miscellaneous cost


Travel expense calculator template


Travel Expense Calculator

Format: Microsoft Excel 2007-2013

File Size: 23 KB


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