New Business Startup Analysis Worksheet

New Business Startup Analysis Worksheet

When starting a business there are many things to consider. One needs to do everything properly so that no mistakes are made which can impact the business later on. It is necessary to take time and analyses everything.

What is a New Business Startup Analysis Worksheet?

A new business startup analysis worksheet is a worksheet that states the cost and other details involved when setting up a business. It helps one know where the money will be spent and how much.

What to Include in a New Business Startup Analysis Worksheet?

If you need to create a new business startup analysis worksheet you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– This worksheet can be made in Microsoft Excel. This is because tables can be made easily here and calculations can also occur.
  • Heading– The worksheet needs to have a heading. For this one, it will be something like “New Business Startup Analysis.”
  • Different activities that need to occur– You need to analyses the different activities that need to be done to start up the business. This will include research.

    You can have a column for this. It will include identifying competitors, customers, financial risks, business goals, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Relationships that need to occur will be stated as well. It will be like hiring an accountant, choosing a banker. Finance needs to be known as well. This will be determining startup costs, resources, etc.

    For Development there will be making a marketing plan, setting up a business plan, etc. In the Getting Started area you will have things like securing a location, choosing a date of launch, getting supplies, any licenses and permits that need to be gotten, business insurance, etc. This will be all on the checklist part of the worksheet.

  • Cost– To analyses the startup it is necessary to know the different costs that will occur. You can have a table for this. If you have any funding this will be stated, the estimated and actual amount. Loans will also be given.

    After this at the bottom will be the Total Funding for this. Another heading with the costs will be present. It will include the costs of different things involved like travel, advertising, remodeling, basic website, brand development, etc.


    The estimated and actual cost will be present and also if this is under or over your budget. The total fixed costs will be given. The Average Monthly Costs also need to be present. This will be on things like travel, telephone, advertising, business insurance, supplies, etc. The estimated and actual will be given and total as well. You can then calculate this for the full year as well. It will be possible to know the surplus and deficit and if it is under or over your budget.

Advantages of the Worksheet:

The advantages of a new business startup analysis worksheet include the following:

  • Allows one to analyses whether they will be able to start up a business effectively
  • Has a checklist of what needs to be done

Final Words:

The new business startup analysis worksheet is one needed by business owners starting a business. It helps them figure out whether they are working in their budget and if all-important tasks are completed.


New Business Startup Analysis Worksheet