Mechanic Work Estimate Template

For every mechanic, it is important to create an estimate document that enables the mechanic to get a lot of customers. A mechanic should consider the job and evaluate it thoroughly so that he can know what job his client wants him to do. When the mechanic comes to know about the nature of the job and the requirements, he becomes able to prepare the estimate for that job.

What is a mechanic estimate?

A mechanic estimates the total cost of the job in an attempt to let the client know about the possible cost he is likely to incur. It should be kept in mind that the estimate submitted by the mechanic is non-binding. The estimate document does not provide accurate details. The information in these documents is just a ballpark figure that enables the client to know how much he will have to spend in order to get the job done.


When the estimate is submitted to the client and he finds it to be viable, he can request the mechanic to provide the quotation document. It should be kept in mind that no mechanic is asked to provide the quotation document unless he does not provide the estimate document.

How to write the mechanic estimate?

As told earlier, a mechanic needs to write a professional-looking estimate. Following are a few steps to be followed to draw up a perfect estimate:

  1. The estimate will not be accurate if you don’t know about the requirements of the job. For this purpose, you should first look into the job description so that you can know what you are expected to do. If the job description does not provide a sufficient amount of information, you can contact the client to provide you with the details.
  2. Determine how long it will take you to complete the job. If the job is long, you can add more to the estimated value. The estimate mostly requires the mechanic to think of the ultimate price of the entire project he is expected to work for. This ultimate price of the project cannot be determined without considering the time duration in which the project will be completed.
  3. While estimating the cost, the tools and accessories that will be used to complete the project are also taken into consideration. You should consider how much you will be spending on buying the tools and accessories since the cost of these accessories is also added up to the ultimate price of the project.
  4. While estimating, you should also know about the competitors. There may be many other mechanics submitting their estimates for the project. Keep an eye on their work routine and strategies so that you can formulate the best estimate on the basis of which your client can think of selecting you over other competitors in the market.
  5. Review the complete document and all the estimates so that you can ensure that the document is free of any error.


Mechanic Work Estimate Template

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