Maintenance and Repair Log

Organizations need to keep official records of everything that happens in the organization. As there are numerous tasks and objectives at hand in the working environment, details, and information are hard to remember and so organizations keep proper recordings.

The most important types of records consist of the finances of the organization. Other than recording where the finance is generated from and where the finance is used in the organization, the smallest details such as purchasing stationary are also included in the records.


At the month’s end, all kinds of records are taken and analyzed to assess where the income is being used such as electricity bill, maintenance, and repair records and other work-related records.

The logistics department handles the books in which the repairing and maintenance logs are written down. An organization that has a lot of equipment and facilities that need constant repairing and maintenance. For example, printing and photocopying machines, as well as computer systems, are used on a daily basis throughout the working hours. The constant usage causes wear and tear of the systems, therefore, these machines need to be maintained such as refilling ink in the photocopiers and printers.

It is important for the logistics to record these in the maintenance and repair logs with detailed information for when the financial statement is generated. No records, yet a lower figure than the original amount of allowance provided to the logistics for maintenance and repairs can be problematic for the employees of the department.

The log sheet acts as proof of how much allowance was used at what time for what purpose. For example, on the log sheet, there are several headings that are filled after the repair or maintenance is performed.

Most common headings found in all log sheets are the date, description of maintenance, the name of the person performing the maintenance. As most equipment needs constant maintenance the log sheet has a specified column that informs when the next maintenance is to be performed.

Other than electronic equipment present in the organization, provided facilities also need maintenance such as the organization cars. When the car leaves or arrives at the organization, for what purpose was the car used, the maintenance details of the car such as oil change and engine tuning are all recorded in the repair and maintenance log sheet.

The organizations use Microsoft Excel to create the log sheets regarding the repair and maintenance of the organization’s equipment and facilities. The readymade rows and columns, which can also be edited according to the organization’s preference make usage of Excel for records a very appropriate and convenient choice.

Below is a template of repair and maintenance log sheet:


Maintenance and repair log template


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