Employee Absence Tracker Calendar

Keeping a record of employee’s presence and absence from work is very important for the organization. Using absence tracking calendar systems are a great way to record the employees work presence.

The tracking system is used for keeping a record of leaves, vacations and sick days among other reasons for the absence of employee’s. As there are many employees in an organization, remembering everyone is an almost impossible task. Marking absence in the system is a more convenient way to remember who is or was absent on what date.


The vacation and leave policies depend from organization to organization. Some organizations provide sick leaves, leave with pay, an official holiday leaves under separate categories which can be taken anytime throughout the year. Although this is not the case in all organizations.

Some professions do not allow a person to take a long time off especially while keeping their job in an organization.

Absence tracking calendars help the organization keep track of the employee’s used leaves, whether half day or full day, the number of unused leaves, during what part of the working year the leave was taken etc.

There are a certain amount of paid leaves. Any leave taken after all paid leaves are used will be counted as non-paid leaves. Therefore, absence tracking calendars are used to analyze performance as well as the paychecks of the employees at the end of a month.

Different companies use different ways of keeping track of employee’s absence. Microsoft Excel sheets are a great way to record the absence of employees with different columns and rows representing different information such as the columns represent the date and day while the rows have the employee’s names and information regarding the leave.

Excel sheets for record keeping are an effective and time-saving tracking system, especially among small scaled businesses.

The calendar tracker displays the day, week and months with the names of the employees and what kind of leave they have taken or plan to take on which day of the month.

This is a good way of tracking all employees’ absence in one place. As organizations have different departments and a large number of employees, verifying employees presence individually can be a time-consuming process. Through the tracking calendar system, the absence of an employee can be checked quickly.

Individual employee leave tracking can be done through the calendar system as well as the excel sheet system. The process only consists of typing the employee name and reference number and the information regarding the employee is displayed individually.

The code names given to different types of leaves explain the reason for leave. All employees’ absence and presence can be verified at once through the tracking calendar, efficiently.


Employee absence tracking calendar template


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