Calculating Ratios Balance Sheet

The ratios balance sheet is a document that is used to calculate different ratios such as debt ratio, cash ratio, quick ratio, etc. To prepare a balance sheet of any type, one should be aware of financial ratios. The purpose of evaluating financial ratios is to determine the performance and liquidity of a business effectively.

There is a special branch of finance which is known as ratio analysis in which the ratios are analyzed. The financial health of a company, as well as its performance, is determined with the help of ratio analysis.


A company performs the analysis of ratio by taking the data from both previous and current financial statements and then making a comparison between them.

For any company and for any business knowing its assets and its liabilities is extremely important. This is because it helps the organization in knowing what its current financial position is and what decisions are to be made which would help the organization be in a better financial state. For this, an organization needs to have a balance sheet.

The result obtained from the calculation of ratios enables the company to understand whether the company is improving its performance or not. The comparison between the company and other competitive companies can also be made for achieving better results.

A balance sheet is a statement that helps the organization in knowing how many assets it has and how many liabilities does it need to fulfill. Apart from this, through a balance sheet, a company can know what the company owns, how much does it owe to other people along with who owns the company? This is why an organization always refers to a balance sheet when it wants to know how much does it own and how much does it need to pay back to other people.

From a balance sheet, an organization makes use of various ratios that helps an organization in determining where it stands currently, financially and what does it need to do in order to be in a much better position or to come where it needs to be.

Various ratios such as the current ratio help the organization in determining the current position of the company, the inventories and etc. with all of this, an organization can have a sneak peek not only into the future but also in the present as well. a professional should be hired to keep a check of the balance sheet as well.

There are many ratios that are very easy to calculate. However, as you dig into the details, the calculation of ratios becomes complex. Many companies hire expert and professional people for creating and handling the ratios balance sheet.

There are many templates available for calculating ratios balance sheet. This balance sheet is readymade that saves the company from having to create it or hiring a professional. The predefined formulas in the balance sheet make it easier for the company to perform different types of ratio calculations.

This sheet template is prepared in MS Excel format. There are different fields that are required to be filled by the user. Once the user finishes providing details, the template does its job. The user can print the template or use the softcopy that can be emailed.

Although the balance sheet is an effective tool for ratio calculations, one should always be aware of all those factors which are not covered by the balance sheet. Just like any other document, the balance sheet also has some limitations as well as shortcomings that should be taken into considerations before you come up with any solution.

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