Business Planning Checklist Template

Making a business plan has a very broad viewpoint. Some people think that the purpose of making a business plan is just to achieve a specific goal in a given amount of time. However, the business plan enables a business owner to manage a business successfully in the long run.

There are different aspects of a business that are required to be managed properly. Anything required to be done for better organization of the business requires a solid business plan. A business plan is necessary for a business to make it run smoothly.


Apart from that, people who want to start a new business also need a business plan in hand so that they can start it like a pro.

The format of the business plan depends on the needs of the business owner. The basic type of business plan is known as a standard business plan which is followed by usually those people who want to have a traditional type of plan which is being followed by most of the people.

This plan is suitable for those who want to start a new business. Once a business has been started, a lean plan is the best one to be used.

It should be kept in mind that having a business plan is not enough. How you follow also matters a lot. You should be able to go through each step of the business plan so that the business can achieve its goals.

The easiest way to follow the plan is to make a checklist of all the steps required to be taken for a better business organization and management.

Depending on the needs of the business, different tasks are included in the checklist. After completing each step, the business owner should check it. It is very beneficial for a business owner to use the business planning checklist since it does not let the user forget any of the steps mentioned in the business plan.

The business owner can also comprehend how far he is from his goals by looking at the checklist which keeps him motivated and directed towards his goals.

Business Plan checklists provide you with the key modules of a business strategy and helpful advice on which area should be categorized in the list. It includes market research to visualize trends in market growth. This will aid in your planning in an organized structure for a smooth and easy flow of your business operations. Some components of business planning checklist include the following:

  • Market Overview
  • Market size
  • Target customers and their needs
  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • Pricing
  • Promotion and distribution plan
  • Key operational plans with the process
  • Management and other team members
  • Revenue simulations
  • Financial status
  • Funds and funding issues
  • Operational strategies
  • Supporting documents

For any business planning, it is required to turn the idea into a written document or checklist. A well-written business plan is necessary if you are going to take loans and it will help you in further operations to run your business with success. For this, the first thing you have to do is to decide your business structure and then get register your business title.

Consideration of the organizational and tax inferences of your decision should also be noted down. Elucidate the purpose of the plan, and comprehend that whether it will be able to ‘sell’ your product or service to potential investors.

Scrutinize your functionality like production process facilities, information systems, premises of working and last but not the least the future strategies for improvements.

To craft a flawless business plan checklist you can take help from online pre-formatted templates which can be downloaded. These templates provide total customizable options to suit your specific business area. Get the copy of your downloaded checklist and fill- in your specifications.


Business planning checklist

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Business Planning Checklist Template

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