Small Business Budget Planning Sheet

Every businessman desires to make a profit from his business whatever the business is. It could be a small business or a multinational company. A business needs to be taken into smooth flow since you must deal with a lot of sales, purchases, assets, investments and funding on daily basis. You should pay to your employees and that makes you vulnerable to make mistakes in assessing your profits and investments. To make sure that you don’t lose money due to lack of a budget sheet, a small business budget planning sheet is available. It allows you to save money while you plan to expand your business, making it reach higher heights.

What is a Small business budget plan template?

It is a spreadsheet that allows to track down your investments, insurances, sales, funding, payouts and purchases. You can consider the actual income of the business and the expenditures that you are having every month including the utility bills and other charges.


Tips to use our Small business budget plan template

Our team has designed a small business budget planning sheet template that you can use and customize as per the type of your business. Whether you are a service provider or a retailer or a wholesaler, this template is compatible with you. Her are a few tips and features of the template that you can follow while using it:

  • The template breaks down your expenses and the business investments into categories so that you can keep the records easily.
  • You can double check the values and the formulas while you input the data into the sheet.
  • The difference between the estimated and actual cost can be calculated easily.
  • You can analyze the cost of the goods that are sold including the cost of the manufacturing, packaging, inventory and transport charges, laborers’ wages and commission charges.
  • You can use this template for multiple product’s sales.
  • A separate column is given for the income taxes as well so that you won’t get into any trouble due to income tax issues.
  • The budget sheet allows you to compare the budget and expenses and keeps your business on track.



small business budget planning sheet


Small Business Budget Planning Sheet

File Format: MS Excel 2003 & Later

File Size: 97 KB | Download

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