Meeting Attendance Tracker

Meeting attendance trackers are the systems used to keep official records of the employees’ timings and presence during meetings. This is a very useful system used by organization especially for the large scaled organizations which have a very huge number of employees.

It is a very convenient way of keeping track of the employee’s absence and presence during meetings, especially when the meeting has been used to discuss important topics regarding the work at hand.


Meetings are gatherings where organizations provide briefings related to work matters, introducing and discussing new projects, solving issues in the working environment among other topics. The tracking system allows the organization knowledge of who was absent and present or was late to the meeting.

The employee that missed the meeting is then given another briefing in order to make sure all the related employee are delivered the same information discussed in the first meeting.

The meeting attendance records, in large-scale companies, are created by using either the smart id badge system or through fingerprint scanning. The scan immediately produces information regarding the employee such as picture, name, job position, department and the time they arrived for the meeting.

In case the meeting is to discuss a confidential topic, the attendance tracker is used to make sure only the specific employees are present during the meeting.

Small scaled businesses sometimes use meeting attendance trackers as a formality and to make sure anyone missing from the meeting can be provided the same information as the rest.

Other than keeping a record of the employee present at the time of meetings, the tracker helps keep a record of what agenda is for which the meeting has been set. Furthermore, everything that is discussed during the meeting is recorded.

As not everyone can retain everything that has been discussed in one single meeting. The record provides information consisting of what was said by who at what time during the meeting as well as provide the established figures as they are without any errors.

Later the track record is used to assess the information and finalize the details of the topic discussed before the information is floated around the organization for other employees. This is why nothing relevant to the meeting agenda is left undiscussed or ignored. The track also helps understand different viewpoints given during the meeting.

The floatation of the information is done because not every employee is available for every meeting as well as not everything is to be discussed in front of all the employees. The meeting attendance record helps in producing the outline of the discussion which is then sent for all employee to read.

Below is a sample template for meeting attendance trackers:


Meeting attendance tracker template


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