Home Maintenance Schedule

‘Home maintenance’ the two-word phrase sounds simple but in practice, it is really a difficult task to accomplish. Maintaining your home includes so many jobs. Some on a daily basis while others on weekly, bi-annually or some tri-yearly basis but whatever be the period the home maintenance is a vital chore which has to be done accordingly. Otherwise, the resident has to face serious consequences.

Apparently, every task has its own value and if not accomplished in the time the home will not retain its proper condition. This will affect residential convenience and will produce glitches if you are willing to sell the home in the future.


Buying the home is not the only responsibility. The people living in the house are continuously responsible for maintenance of the house so that they can keep it in good shape. A house is a representative of people living in it. A well-maintained house always communicates the organization and passion of people living it.

No one has plenty of time to consume on the maintenance of the house. However, scheduling the maintenance enables the house owner to perform the maintenance despite being busy. Before you get down with home maintenance, you should take some time and think about all those tasks that are required to be done in order to complete the home maintenance.

There is no denying that there is a long list of tasks to be accomplished when it comes to performing the maintenance.

The home maintenance schedule can be made and then followed if you are really concerned about increasing the efficiency of your work. Scheduling can be done in a number of ways.

You can either jot down tasks into small tasks and then distribute them so that they can be accomplished easily or divide the schedule in a number of categories such as weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance.

Home maintenance tasks can be categorized, like seasonal home maintenance. The nature of jobs differs in a different season for example in spring, the home is protected from wind and rain by screening the windows, draining the gutters and taking proper care of the lawn while autumn maintenance calls for setting the carbon monoxide detection with raking shed leaves and their disposal. Thus every season has its problems to deal with. Likewise normal daily cleaning and bi-monthly thorough dusting and maintenance of households and appliances are also included in the home maintenance area.

The problem with home maintenance is a busy lifestyle and forgetfulness. To overcome these problems software has created an online free template to craft a home maintenance list which comprises the entire necessary task to be done for home maintenance. You can download the schedule and customize according to your home chores. The download will offer a comprehensive pre-formatted checklist which can be kept as a reminder for the next home maintenance task.


Home maintenance schedule

Download your file below.

Home Maintenance Schedule Template

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Benefits of home maintenance schedule:

There are numerous benefits to this maintenance schedule. Few of them are:

  1. With the help of the schedule, one can easily focus on what is actually destroying the house. There are lots of things that actually deteriorate the condition of a house over time.
  2. The scheduling is also beneficial for those who don’t know how and where to start the maintenance from
  3. The house owner can add the tasks to be done in a routine that becomes easy for him to perform and manage.
  4. Another major benefit of using the schedule is to always stay on the track. One can never forget what to do when the schedule is always to guide him

The template for a home maintenance schedule can be downloaded from the internet. The schedule template is beneficial especially for those who have limited time since it takes a lot of time in scheduling all the tasks.

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