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In our daily lives, we might come across situations that are not very expected. When we face unexpected situations, we are always in a dilemma about how to react. When people get into emergency situations or if they see someone in an emergency, even when they want to help, they do not know how to help or what to do.

The best thing to do in an emergency situation is to stay calm. When we are calm, we are in a better position to analyze and respond according to the situation. Often, when we are in a bad situation, we get confused, and we might end up in another bad situation. So if we cannot make the situations better, we should try not to make them bad either.


911 has been rated as the universal emergency number. In 1957, the United States launched this number for reporting emergency accidents such as fire hazards. In 1967, the Commission of Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice presented a recommendation to establish a single number to report emergency situations.

Some of the very common emergencies are a toddler falling in the pool, a tornado approaching, having an accident, or maybe a heart attack. Anxiety and panic are the results of a situation where you think about what might happen. The best thing to do in such a situation is to calm down and take a deep breath. When you calm down, only then you can think of a plan.

Depression can also take place when we are in odd situations. Depression makes it hard for us to make rational decisions. So keeping our depression in control is very important. Training your mind is as important as getting first aid training. If our brain is not in control, it is almost impossible to deal with an uncertain situation.

With evolving technology every day, phones are made with built-in emergency numbers such as helplines, fire brigades, hospitals, and even police stations. This has made life very easy. It is a good practice to keep a list of all the emergency contact numbers. This emergency list can be downloaded from the internet or even an individual can make their own list.

The emergency contact list contains all categories of numbers, such as hospitals, public works such as electricity or gas, pension centers, etc. email numbers can also be saved along with the phone numbers. It is always a good practice to make personal notes with these emergency numbers for self-reminders.

When mishaps take place and hazardous situations come into play, it is vital to have your emergency contact numbers on hand. This emergency contact list template enables you to collect all of your emergency contacts in one place so that you have all of those significant numbers ready when you need them.

This contact list template includes an area for you to track the names and phone numbers of a local contact, medical and rescue contacts, the gas company, and more. This template helps you craft a contact list that includes all of the numbers that will be important to you in an emergency, and it helps you to make that list both simple and expert.

It’s very important for you to manage your emergency list in a proper and managed style, so you can instantly contact the desired person without any hurdle. As in an emergency situation, we usually lose our mind control. So, to cope with such situations, we have some backup, like an emergency contact list, to deal with. Contacting the right person at the right time will always help you manage emergencies properly without causing a big loss.

There are multiple things you can enter and modify once you get a template installed in your PC. You can update and modify the list name and can even make a list of people who have been met recently. You can also make notes and discuss the basic emergency situations in the template.

Use one sheet to record details of one contact. For multiple numbers, keep on moving to add sheets.

Emergency contact list template

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