home construction budget worksheet

Home Construction Budget Worksheet

Home Construction

Home is where the heart is and where man feels so much at peace. But sometimes the home that we live is needed some kind of construction or one needs a new home altogether. For this various construction activities take place so the dream home is created. This construction for a dream home can be very costly if one doesn’t plan ahead and doesn’t carefully make and allot a budget accordingly. For this, a home construction budget worksheet needs to be made which helps the owner and the construction worker to know exactly how much each aspect of the construction will be costing and how much money can one spend on a particular facet of a construction site.

Everything needs repairing and remodeling after a certain period. We make houses and take care of them but somehow some things start to fall apart and we have to get them repaired. These expenses are not preplanned so you might face some difficulty in dealing with them. Taking a debt is not a solution. It’s a start of another problem. So, to make sure that the expenses are well managed and you don’t spend too much on unnecessary stuff, you should make a home construction budget sheet.


This worksheet not only helps in detailing each and every aspect of the construction but also helps in future calculation regarding any aspect. A worksheet is to be made because a worksheet is handier and much easier when it comes to calculating.

Excel Budget Worksheets

A home construction budget worksheet should be made by keeping the whole construction in mind, from the repairing to the resources to the labor, each and every aspect should be covered. To make the home construction budget worksheet more organized and neat, one can always allow various colors to various aspects and always divide the whole into various divisions. This construction budget worksheet can be given to the construction worker so he or she knows how much to spend on each and every aspect. Make sure it is holistic in nature.

What is a home construction budget template?

It is a budget sheet that specifies your funds, cost of materials for construction, the cost of labor, the cost of emergency repairs, estimated cost and actual cost. You can draw a graph as well to analyze your cost ratio.

How to make a home construction budget template?

  • To make a home construction budget template, you have to understand the fact that construction is a big process and it takes a lot of work to be done in a specific period of time. You have to plan a lot of things meanwhile you plan to repair or construct a new home.
  • You have to categorize the things you are going to do. Start with the cost of zoning and permitting of the land where you are going to do the construction.
  • Move on to the house pan. This includes the cost of architects, engineers, and craftsmen.
  • Then evaluate the cost for surveys including the cost of location, driveway, roads, and fire hydrant and truck access and plot plan.
  • After that estimate the cost of the plot including the lease and the interest.
  • Calculate the cost of insurance of the house. You have to make sure that the building passes the inspection tests as well.
  • In the spreadsheet, make separate columns for the money you have to pay to the contractor, your estimated cost, actual cost and difference between the actual and estimated cost. You can make a separate column for the money that you have paid and the money that you have to pay.

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