Employee Work Calendars

Employee daily, weekly and monthly work calendars are also known as employee work schedule. This is so-called because it relates to the management of the shifts of all the employees. So, this means that this work calendar is best for the organizations that are centered on a shift based work.

All of those who have worked under such conditions will know that how much important scheduling is to run the operations smoothly and allowing the organizations to plan in a better way. Other than that, it also helps the entity in tracking labor costs, unpaid leaves or breaks, any changes in schedules and paychecks. If this work calendar is easy to understand and is readable by the employee himself, it can work as a very good communication tool as well.


This excellent tool is most commonly used by the managers of the organization who are required to schedule the working hours of each employee decently. Each work calendar is dedicated to one employee. That is why it mentions the name of the concerned employee at the top of the calendar along with the name of the manager to whom the certain employee reports.

After mentioning the overall contact details, the hours he usually works and any overtime he did should also be mentioned. This work calendar is drafted in a calendar form where the sections are made in the monthly form, while these are further divided into rows and columns.

The first column will bear the days of the week while the first row will mention the number of the weeks. In the cells corresponding to the correct number of weeks and the day, should mention the number of hours worked and the overtime as well.  In this way, calculating the total hours an employee has worked for the better functioning of the organization get a lot easier.

The manager can calculate the total hours worked in a day, a week and even the whole month. The best way to make this work calendar hassle-free is to use a template for it. This will make sure that a professional pattern is followed and it is easy to understand by all as well.


Employee daily weekly and monthly work calendar


Employee Leave Calendar

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