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Number puzzles have been popular in children learning skill development and The Japanese Sudoku is a popular Japanese number puzzle which is adopted by various skill development lessons in mathematics, around the globe. In Sudoku a 9 x 9 grid has to be filled with tactics that no number should be repeated. For small children 9 x 9 grids is a little bit complicated therefore 4 x 4 grids is good for them.

Microsoft office is always presenting workable templates to ease your task. The PowerPoint, Word and excel templates also exhibit Sudoku grids for you or you can browse any free on-line website to play your favorite game and download your own template.

The grid is a group of lines forming columns and rows for the clue number to get fixed in the box. Boxes are shaded or colored for ease…Different font types and font sizes are specified to fill in your figure in the grid. Sometimes characters symbolize the clues. Exceptional graphics are put to highlight different options in the grid.

The clues indicate the possible numbers for a particular cell in the grid. The candidates are formed from exclusive graphics. Candidates are organized proportionally in these templates, and it is easy to scan the grid. You have to just get to know that where you have to put the numbers.

These templates are available in customized pattern and easy to download and play and solve the famous Japanese number puzzle the Sudoku.


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