Sales Reports

Sales reports are records of all the sales made by the salesperson at a specific time. The sales report consists of the details of the sales. These details include the volume of sales according to the individual or group of products or services sold, the details regarding the current accounts as well as any new accounts which were contacted by the salesperson and the figure of costs, if any, which were drawn while product or services promotions and sales generations.

The sales process can be understood clearly through the sales report. The details explain how an account number is generated through a computerized system before the phone call is made and linked to the salesperson to promote the product and services.


The salesperson uses different tactics and pre-planned strategies to convince people into purchasing the service or product.

All the details are recorded by the computerized system which later includes it into the sales report of the salesperson.

The details include the name of the product or services, the number of products sold, the purchaser’s information and some other details regarding the sales made.

There are different ways of improving sales such as forming improved strategies and sales plan. This can be done by analyzing the performance of different sales plans and strategies and adopting the most suitable approach. Using a CRM software, which is basically a Customer Relationship Management system that makes it easier to manage the relationships and interaction between the companies and their current as well as potential customers.

Furthermore, weekly checkups on salespeople’s performance and quality of work help identify the problems in the way they approach and appeal to customers.

The employees can be trained by using cold calls or cold emails which is contacting a stranger through a call or by email to turn them into a customer.

The factors that can lead the sales to decrease include not being able to identify between the common characteristics of the customers that are loyal, or the company does not have a factor that differentiates it from other companies and their products.

The sales forecasts also need to be analyzed for accuracy and identifying the changes in the market trends.

Moreover, marketing strategies need to be constantly changed according to the market trends to create and maintain the company’s presence in the market. Sales process also need to be updated to make them less complex and easier to handle for the employees, so they can manage the interaction between themselves and the customers properly.

Daily, weekly and monthly sales reports can help analyze where the problem is caused. Whether the reduction in sales is because of ineffective management, hiring of employee that not been properly trained for the job, poor forecasting of sales or outdated marketing techniques.

A great way of analyzing which strategy of sales works best is by dividing the plans among teams of employees and checking the performance of the strategies on a weekly basis. The best strategy can be identified through this process. The sales process can then be updated according to the data collected to make the process more efficient.

Daily Sales Report Template

Daily sales report template



Weekly Sales Report Template

Weekly sales report template



Monthly Sales Report Template

Monthly sales report template


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