Property Inventory Log

The conditions of the items are available in the rented house can be recorded in an inventory log. This log can be very helpful for both tenant and landlord. The landlord does some interview in order to create a form of inventory which he can use until the end of the tenancy.

This log does not contain only the information about the inventory on the sheet but it also includes all the step by step interviews which are very necessary for both tenant and landlord. You can easily create it online and can download it after creation.


When a person wants to give the house on rent or flat on rent, he can use this property inventory log. It can also be used to record the conditions of the items which are available in the rented property. When the property is furnished or unfurnished, you as a landlord can prepare it for your own convenience. When your property is quite big or has at least 2 rooms, 4 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms then this property inventory log can be created.

The landlord includes the list of normal furnishing in the rented property. The condition of carpets, walls, and doors are also mentioned in this log. The condition of items at the start and end of the tenancy is also recorded.

The property inventory log keeps track of what the landlord has given to the tenant in the rented house. This can be very helpful in the future in case of any problem or lawsuit.

Property Inventory Template

If you are some real estate agent or even own some rental business then something that you need to do is to log in your properties, owners’ details, payment dates, plus rental details, and more. This can be a tough task if not handled properly. A property inventory template can help you out. These can cover all the necessities required and that no matter what you tend to be renting out.

What is a Property Inventory Template?

An inventory tends to be a detailed list consisting of all the items present in some property which a tenant may use. It records the state as well as the condition of every item.

How to make a Property Inventory Template?

  • Use MS Word or Excel– The template can be made on Word or Excel. You can select the platform that is easier for you.
  • Different tables– Different tables can be created that consider different things. This can include utilities, furniture, keys given with the property, summary of the status of the property, etc. It is easier to use tables as it will be less confusing.
  • Include condition of items– In the table a section can be present that briefly describes the condition of the items. For instance, for doors and windows working you can have a section where you can write yes or no. In this way, you have some written record present of those things that are in working condition. This can help later. A column stating description, settings as well as the reading of certain items can be given. Another column of whether instruction manual was given may also be added.
  • Furniture items– When making the table for the furniture items, you can have four columns. One will list the items, model and other details, condition as well as quantity. This will be comprehensive and give a detail of the furniture that you can refer to later.


  • Tables are present of different aspects of the property that can be referred to when needed.
  • You have evidence that may be required later when you need to remove the previous tenants.

Final Words:

A Property Inventory Template is a worksheet that can help a real estate agent or someone who is renting out some property. This is because it can clearly state details that are often easily forgotten.

Property inventory log

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Property inventory control log template

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