Net Worth Calculator

The present net worth of a business is something everyone is interested to know. The investor wants to know the present worth before investing their money. Similarly, many business owners also want to get the estimated present net worth value of the company so that they can know if it is feasible to continue with the business or if there is a need to change the business strategies or plans. The net worth calculator is for all such people wanting to get information about the current worth of a business.

What is the present net worth calculator?

The present net worth calculator is a commonly used accounting tool that easily calculates the total current worth of a business by using pre-defined formulas. The calculator is intended to serve the user with the ease with which he will be able to perform the calculations and reach conclusions without having to put in serious effort.

Net worth calculator

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What is included in the present net worth?

The wealth of a business is part of the present net worth. Anything that a company owes after paying its worth becomes the worth of that company. Cash, the investment made by the investors, account receivables, assets, and much more are the main part of the present net worth. Moreover, it also includes the loans, details about the mortgages, account payables, etc.

Net worth calculator template:

This calculator template has been created for people who don’t have any idea about what to consider as a component of the present net worth and how to calculate it. Many organizations also hire expert professionals who do all the accounting work and calculations on behalf of the company. However, using the present net worth calculator saves a company from hiring an accounting expert individual which as a result, saves a lot of money.

This template is also very useful for professional accountants, assistants, and all those people who have to deal with what a company owes.

What is included in the net worth calculator?

There are four main components of this calculator which are:

  1. Header
  2. Assets
  3. Liabilities
  4. Net worth summary


This section includes the name and logo of the company. In the header, you can also mention the title of the calculator in the header section.


Every business owes many assets which determine its total worth. The bank balance of the company, cash balance, account receivables, account payables, investments, real estate property, and a lot more are considered assets of the company and will be given more importance while calculating the net worth of the company.


Liabilities are required to be subtracted from what a company owes. These include the obligations which may arise over time. No matter whether the liabilities are secured or unsecured, they are very important to be considered in the calculator.

Net worth summary:

At the end of the calculator, a summarized view of the net worth of a business is given. This is an important part since it briefly explains everything a business owes.