Sales Forecast Tracker

Business plans are important and needed by all businesses. They help a company increase sales and be profitable. It is important to plan any future sales carefully. This plan can then be referred to, to see if targets are being met or if they are not being met.

What is a Sales Forecast Tracker Template?

A Sales Forecast Tracker allows one to analyze and also forecast the unit sales, profit margin, gross profit, as well as the growth rate for products and services. It is, therefore, a very important part of some business plan.


What to Include in the template?

If you need to make a Sales Forecast Tracker template you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– This template can be done in Microsoft Excel. This is because formulas, as well as other worksheet features, tend to be already set up to use.
  • Company Name– Give the name of your company at the top of the template. This is necessary as everyone will know clearly which company it is for.
  • Heading– Give the heading of the template. This will help the document look professional. The heading can be “Sales Forecast Tracker.”
  • Company Logo– You can insert your company logo on the template allowing it to further get a professional touch.
  • Follow Instructions– The Microsoft Excel template may have instructions on where to fill in the details. Follow these carefully.
  • Forecast Input– On this page of the template, you will need to start with adding the Opportunity Name. This will be what the opportunity is, such as with what company. Just state the company name. The next column will be for Sales Agent. Here you will fill in whether it is Sales Agent 1 or 2 or 3, etc. Sales Region will be next and will include the region where the sale is, such as Canada- East, US- Southeast, etc. Sales Category will state what category it is like Consulting, Services, etc. Forecast Amount will have figures. Under these, the Total will be calculated. The Sales Phase will include what is the status of the sale, like Formal Approval, Opportunity, Verbal Approval, etc. The Probability of the Sale column will state the probability in percentage. Forecast Close gives the month, and Weighted Forecast has figures beneath which will be the Total.
  • Forecast Totals– The next page is for Forecast Totals. It will give the forecast for every month with the total calculated at the bottom.
  • Forecast Graph– You can even have this graph. It will tell the Monthly Weighted Forecast. This pictorial representation is simple to understand.

Advantages of the template:

The advantages of a Sales Forecast Tracker template are:

  • Allows one to have a detailed sales forecast for the full year.
  • It is important to a financial plan as it calculates expected sales.

Final Words:

The Sales Forecast Tracker template is another document that a business needs. It has to be filled in carefully and made with care. You can consider the above points when creating this document.



Sales forecast tracker template

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