Employee Timesheets

Weekly Timesheet

A weekly timesheet, prepared on a weekly basis, is a record of the time spent by an employee doing any kind of work related to his job or responsibilities, be it time spent in the office, client meetings, project management or anything of the sort. Depending on the size and type of the organization as well as the management’s policy, the weekly timesheet is maintained on a paper, an Excel spreadsheet or a cloud software system.

This timesheet basically records and tracks the employee’s time of coming in, going out, taking breaks, off-days/leaves as well as calculate any overtime of the employee. The entry of time can either be in decimal or hh: mm format. A weekly timecard is often used for an employee’s evaluation purpose.


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Biweekly Timesheet

Biweekly timesheet is a record, kept and maintained after every two weeks, of work-related hours spent by an employee on or for the job. This record on paper, Excel spreadsheet or software, includes the information of the working hours (including the time of coming in and leaving the work), breaks, overtime, and off-days/leaves. The management may choose decimal format or hh: mm format for recording time.

Biweekly timesheet and weekly timesheet are different only in one way that the latter is prepared every week, while the former is recorded every two weeks. The biweekly timesheet, relatively, provides a bigger picture than the weekly timesheet, as the overall working hours of an employee can be assessed over a longer period than seven days.

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Weekly Timesheet without Break

A weekly timesheet without break is a record of logging in and logging out timing, number of working hours, leaves/off-days, overtime and payment calculations of the employees. As the name suggests, this record is kept and maintained on a weekly basis. This particular type of timesheet, however, does not record the timings of the break, rather, it only records the employees’ in and out timings along with the other variables.

In this timesheet, the total number of hours spent on work is calculated and employee payment is calculated using those total hours and the hourly rate. These types of timesheets are, usually, applied in organizations or types of work where the employees are paid on an hourly basis.

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Weekly Timesheet with Break

A weekly timesheet with a break is a record of the details of the work timings of an employee over a week. In addition to maintaining the details of logging in and logging out of work, it also records the break timings. This includes the time of going for the break, coming back from the break and the time spent on the break. These meal breaks are often misused by the employees. Therefore, tracking the time of such breaks can help in controlling the employees and making them spend more time on the job, rather than wasting it.

These types of timesheets are, usually, used in organizations where the employee salaries are not determined on the number of working hours but are calculated on a monthly or another basis. In these scenarios, maintaining a weekly timesheet with break will help the organization assess and evaluate an employee’s productive time.

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