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While the time arrives to choose which college you want to get admitted in you have to consider multiple aspects and factors they can be like how far is it from your residence, what are the expenses of studying there, how big is the campus, on which conditions will you be admitted into the college and what are the main activities around there?. Such factors aid you in selecting the college where one would like to study.

Certain templates which are easily available on different sites on the internet can be used to compare the features between different colleges. You are free to make several copies of templates and you can compare three or sometimes more than 3 colleges in a single template. After a comparative study, you can use to determine the best institute, the first runner-up, the second runner-up and so on.

There are comparative areas for academics in each template where questions are posed about in how much time the college grants a degree, are there scholarships and what is the conventional class size and number of students in each class.

It may also discuss financial issues like admission fees, monthly fees and estimated the amount needed for books, supplies, transportation, tuition, food etc. It may also talk about other facilities like what kinds of athletic or sports programs does the college has, what resources are available to help you do good in your first year of college, and is are there opportunities to participate in fraternities etc.

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