To-do List with Percentage Completion

When you have plenty of work to do and you find it hard to complete the list of work, you often feel overwhelmed. Having work to be done on your mind frustrates a person because it gives too much stress.

Having so many things to do in a given amount of time often leads to mismanagement. It is very common for people to forget important tasks and their deadlines and then regret them later. To avoid this situation, using a to-do list is the best idea.


To-do list with percentage completion?

It is a tool designed in MS Excel file format to facilitate people manage their work. In this age and time, multitasking has become essential. However, multitasking also leads to a reduction in productivity.

How does a to-do list with percentage completion work?

This tool enables the user to make a thorough list of tasks he is required to complete. Making a list enables the user to consider every task and decide how to give priority to different things to do in the list.

People often feel less motivated when they get frustrated or tired. This tool lets them see how much work they have done. Tracking the progress keeps them motivated and dedicated.

What information does this tool collect?

In order to provide useful information to the user and inform him about the percentage of work he has already executed, this tool collects several types of details. Some of them are:

List of tasks:

In this column, the user is asked to provide the details of all the things he needs to do in a specific time duration.

Start date:

This column of the sheet asks the user to input the date on which the task needs to be started.

End date:

Here the user inputs the date on which the task needs to be ended. In other words, the deadline of the task is mentioned.

Description of the task:

In the last column of the sheet, the user can input the details of each and every task to be accomplished. This is for reminding the user.

Task completion stats:

Here the sheet shows the stats of the work the user has finished. The tool shows the percentage of tasks that have already been accomplished. The user can also see tasks yet to be completed and tasks already executed in the form of graphs, pie charts, and many other representations.

Advantages of using the list

People who use this tool find it very useful. Here are a few ways in which this excel sheet is very useful for them:

People always keep important things in their mind:

When people use this tool, they try to organize their tasks to be completed based on priority. If you have a look at this list, they see the responsibility to complete the topmost task first. This way, they are never going to forget the task as a high priority. The deadline is also there in the sheet that always keeps the user on track.

It motivates people:

Sometimes people give up right before the moment they reach their goal. This happens because they cannot see the progress and they have some misunderstanding in their mind regarding their to-do work. When they see the progress of the work in the form of percentages and graphs, they feel more motivated and accelerated toward their goal.

The user can see the progress:

Sometimes, people start many tasks in parallel and keep executing them. In this situation, one task is often finished earlier than others. It is not easy to remember each and every task and its status. The sheet enables the user to view the status of every individual task. This way, he can know how many tasks are in the pipeline and how many are already accomplished.

Use the online tool:

The MS Excel sheet is the best way to make a to-do list and see the progress of the work that is being done. The template saves the user from having to design his tool. In addition, he saves his time and focuses more on the work to be done.

To do list with percentage completion