Payslip Templates for MS Excel

A payslip is an important document that helps employees keep a record of their salaries. The payslips are provided by the organization to their employees. These payslips outline the information such as the amount paid for the period the employees’ worked, the deductions for tax and insurance from the salary.

The importance of payslips differs from country to country and organization to organization. This document acts as a verification of employment.


The payslips are used for different purposes. Banks request payslips when an individual applies for securing credit. Another situation where payslips are useful is when renting real estate.

The real estate agent requests for submission of the payslip, when discussing a deal with potential customers, to ensure that the person they are renting the place to is able to meet requirements in terms of finance.

For salaried employees, the payslips may not matter as they receive the same amount every month with the recurring details and deductions. However, the payslips are important for the people that are employed for jobs that have hourly or weekly rates.

The payslips help them keep a record of what amount of payments they receive for the period they work.

The payslips may either be distributed in the form of emails or in hard copy through postal services. They include information outlining the details of the employee and their position in the organization, the basic salary given to them by the organization, any miscellaneous amounts for things such as laundry and food, house rent and conveyance. This information is added up to form the total earnings.

The deductions from the salary amount include insurance, the amount for employees old-age benefits (E.O.B.I) and tax. After the deductions have been made, the amount left is the amount employees receive.

The basic use of a payslip is for an employee to understand what amount they have been paid for their work, what has been deducted and why the amount, if any, is deducted.

Below are the templates for payslip:


payslip template




Payslip Template


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