Business Start-up Cost Calculation Worksheet

Are you thinking of starting a new business? It is obvious that you will be thinking about how much money you will require to start it. The first phase of a business is known as the start-up phase in which a businessman needs to be wary of different ways to attract investors, get the funding to make his business run smoothly, generate revenue, make a profit, and much more. You will be required to do the calculations and estimation of various factors that will in the end help you know the total cost of starting a new business.

A cost calculator is used to calculate the amount a person has to pay to start a new business. There are lots of steps to take when it comes to starting a new business including making a plan, attracting new investors, making new arrangements for carrying out various tasks, and much more.


Get the following benefits

When you use an online tool for performing various calculations in relation to your business start-up phase, you will reap the following benefits:

The calculator tells how much money you need:

As and when you begin to plan how you will start your business, the first thing you should know is how much money you will need to serve the purpose. It is not a viable approach to find out that you don’t have money when you are in the middle of making your plans work out. The calculator tells you how much money you will need so that you make the money arrangements in advance.

It helps you identify all the expenses:

When you are thinking of starting a business, you will overestimate or underestimate many expenses. However, many such expenses are identified when you use the calculator. This calculator not only calculates but also tells the user what to calculate. The list of all the expenses is mentioned in it and due to this, the business owner easily identifies various expenses effortlessly.

It helps in simplifying the process:

The calculation of the budget and expenses is a complex process that many people find daunting and leave it. Some also seek the help of professionals. However, using the calculator saves a person from the daunting process of estimations and calculations thereby, making the process simple and easy.

The template

People in the start-up phase of their businesses often lack experience and knowledge. So, they need help so that they don’t experience failure. A cost calculator template is a useful tool for the calculation of all variable and fixed costs a business has to incur when it is just beginning to operate. T

The template is available in MS Excel file format and predefined formulas calculate everything as and when the user finishes providing information to it. The template is also editable which means the user can add the expenses that may not be present in the template.

Business start-up cost calculation worksheet for Excel

Excel Template
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