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We interact with many people in a day whether it be in public or visiting someone at their place. Human memory isn’t reliable for remembering acute details of the conversation. Same is the case when we are working in an organization where we need to take care of those little things that might create problems in future if forgotten.

Just imagine yourself in an office meeting where problems are discussed and solutions are presented with a great deal of understanding of the problem. You are sitting right in the middle of the meeting when in future asked about it are like I don’t remember this thing being discussed at the meeting and your boss is like “Where were you”. Hearing this you feel embarrassed.


The meeting minute template will not let you down as it records or keeps track of various discussions held at the meeting and decisions made thereupon.

What is Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minute is a detailed record of what has been discussed, scheduled, planned and decided in a meeting. In other words, it is a comprehensive summary of a meeting at a glance.

Ever wondered if having a useful document which would keep our tasks well remembered or well versed. Whenever we feel to know something just utilize the document and get everything at hand. This is what the meeting minute template does for us.

It keeps a record of all the issue discussed, the actions taken and decisions made at a certain meeting. They also are helpful for future use if one needs to look up for areas discussed so as to get a better understanding.

What does it include?

The meeting minute includes the following

  1. Name of individuals who were present at the meeting and those who weren’t.
  2. Action plans discussed and decisions made in their light.
  3. The exact date and time of the meeting.
  4. The purpose of the meeting.


Everything has some importance attached to itself so are the meeting minutes as well. As discussed earlier that they provide you with a minute record, actions taken and decisions made. These things are of great value as they are documented and you can always look up back for future references.

Not only to those who were present at the meeting but also to those individuals who for any reason were unable to attend the meeting.

This process is neither time taking nor costly. See the templates designed by our professionals for your help.


Meeting minute template

Meeting Minute Template

A meeting minute template in detailed format. It has a place to write all the minutes in detail.

File Size: 41 KB for Word [.docx]


Meeting minute template


Meeting Minute Template

A meeting minute template in box format. It provides space to put information in tabular format. It eases the eyes to locate the specific area of the document which also lessens the chances of mistake.

File Size: 41 KB for Word [.docx]


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