Employee Training Register

Every organization believes in training its employees to make them more competent and skilled. Skilled people are the most efficient individuals that can play a very productive role in the development of the organization.

An organization also keeps the record of every employee who takes training. Keeping the record is beneficial for the company as well as for employees. Some employers increase the salary of the employees when they get enough training. The employees can apply to better job positions when they get appropriate training.


What is an employee training register?

The employee training register is a document that is used to keep the record of the training taken by each employee working in the company. The register provides the complete information about the employee and the training program s/he is attending.

Unlike previously adopted principals, organizations are now assessed on their smart functionality that means how well they are adaptable to the recent technologies. To get aware of the new trends the employees need effective training. These pieces of training do not deliver techno efficiently, rather many training programs are being conducted to improve personal intellects and physical behavior. Whatever be the subject of training, the course will groom the employee with new shapes.

Importance of training register:

The purpose of keeping the record in the register is to ensure that every individual working on different posts in a company gets the necessary training. When every individual in the organization gets the training according to his post, the productivity and performance of the company improve automatically.

The training register is maintained as every employee is required to update his skills by attending training programs. Whenever the employee attends the program, an update is made in the register. Training register also enables the employer to know how much budget is needed by the training program in order to reach the completion.

Training register can be prepared in MS Word and Excel. Different columns are made in the register to ensure that it is capable enough to capture the necessary information related to the training being given to the employee.

Usually, the training is conducted

  • To fit into the business needs. Relevantly remain in business.
  • Replacements for an employee who is on leave or has permanently left the organization.
  • The new technology is diverting on a daily basis therefore to copy the trend effective training is required at the on-going basis.
  • Build motivation in the team, to meet the competitive challenges.
  • Well trained human resources for the business expansion program.
  • Assess the working of the newly developed management team.

What should be included in the employee training register?

This register should include the following details:

  1. The date on which record is being registered
  2. Name and position of the employee in the company
  3. The name of the trainer
  4. Duration of the training program
  5. Total budget
  6. Qualification of the trainer and trainee
  7. Capability level of the trainee
  8. Duration after which the training program will be refreshed

With the effective training programs, there would be many benefits for both the employers and the employee. Food training increases productivity and has built confidence among the workers to work optimized. Your employees are all equipped with most modern skills and work in a better way towards their goals and objectives. The training assists after the downsizing as the remaining employees are able to handle the extra workload.

Employee turnover will decrease as the trained employees are psychologically relaxed and enthusiastic to work efficiently. Procedures and operations work in an advanced manner thus resulting in greater revenue generation.

Organizations have their consolidated business training registers which let them aware who in the staff is now equipped with innovative skills and where these skills are used. This will generate a comprehensive log in training session areas.

Download your file below.

Employee Training Register Template

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