Product Price List Template for Excel

Any business dealing with the selling and buying of goods needs to use the product price list. This list displays the prices of all the items that a business sells. The list specifically targets the customers of the business and the price on which the seller is ready to sell the product to his customers is mentioned in the list.

What is the product price list?

The price list is a simple sheet in which the prices of the products and services with their quantities, discount details, and sales promotion details are mentioned. When customers are finding the best deal for them to purchase certain products, they will go for the product or deal with the most affordable price. So, when a business wants to attract customers towards it, it can display the price list. Many customers visit the store just to compare the prices charged by different sellers in the same dynamic.


What is included in the price list?

The price charged by a particular business or the seller is mentioned in the price list. Some other details are very important to be mentioned on the list such as the date of updating the price list with all the accompanying costs. The quantity of the commodity is also mentioned in the price list.

Why are price lists used?

The price lists are used to make the customer aware of the prices of the items they are interested in buying. You can find these lists in coffee houses, restaurants, beauty parlors, and everywhere. Some services have no specific price.  For example, the prices of services provided at the beauty salon differ in every salon. This ensures the smooth operation of the business. The business also uses the price list to ensure that the customer doesn’t bargain on the price once it is mentioned in the price list.

Product price list template:

As told earlier, the price list is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer since it provides them with ease. A merchant needs to use the price list when he wants to display the prices of all the products he has in his store to sell. For the customers, a price list is a useful tool when they want to compare the prices of different sellers. This enables them to choose the product with the most reasonable price. Many people decide to buy several items after seeing the prices of those products.

The price list template is a readymade price list in which the user is required to enter the relevant data. When the data is entered into the price list, it becomes a useful piece of information for the seller and buyer. The template saves the time of the user and saves the user from having to create the price list from scratch. He can spend his valuable time in billing the customers and performing other accounting work related to the business.


Product Price List Template
Product Price List Template